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The copy I received of the one on the right says (quote):

The McMahan Coat of Arms hereby illustrated is officially documented in “Rietstap Armorial General”. The original description of the arms (shield) is as follows: “D'arg. A une autruche de sa., tenant en son bec un fer-a-cheval de gu.” When translated the blazon also describes the original colors of the McMahan arms as: “Silver; a black ostrich holding in the beak a red horseshoe.” Above the shield and helmet is the crest which is described as: “A left arm, holding a sword, passing thru a fleur-de-lis.” (end quote)


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Francis Kelly

Boy! you don't know you'r heraldry do you.
The correct description for the one on the left is
Argent (silver) three lions passant reargarduant gules (red)

Luke McMahon ( Australia )

Fantastic stuff.


I received a letter from a company that had thoroughly researched my family coat of arms. The letter was addressed to Woody M****, CPA, and it went on to state that they had the "CPA family" coat of arms.


Well honk my hooter. I've got an older brother who's professionally Irish. I'll have to send him here.

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