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A 1943 Zinc coated steel penny,,the Zinc coat will discolor in defferent ways as it reacts to age ,some will look defferent than others,,the penny 1943 steely is worth a penny as a penny ,,as to any other value good luck,,a magnet will stick to the steel penny not the copper penny,,




Well I have about 50 1943 steel pennies, about 16 1943 D steel pennies, then about 30 1943 S steel pennies anyone actually know how much there all worth?

Richard Florek

I've got a 1944 zinc penny that will stick to a magnet but not as strong as a steel 1943,does it have value?


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Heidi Barber

I have a silver-colored 1943 wheat penny that is NON-magnetic. It can't be copper because it is not copper-colored. Why is the silver one that I have non-magnetic? Is there any value to it? I have looked at the date with a magnifying glass, and the 1943 appears legitimate. The tail on the 3 dips down lower than the other numbers.

All of the searches I have done have shown claims that there can be no such penny, that it would be magnetic if it's silver, or not magnetic if it's copper-colored. Well, mine is silver AND not magnetic.

cecilia cervantes

tengo un 1943 acero galvanizado con quien me puedo comunicar para ponerlo en subasta agradeceria su respuesta att cecilia


I have a 1943 steel penny, i will like to know if is worth something


Ihave a 1943 silver manetic penny and from new york ...wish you to know the exact worth at this time.?.


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what if thwe penny has a press defect in it? thats worth more right?


dear tom i have a rare 1943 pennt has a blemish in the right side by the rim like the press messed up, is that worth more?

ileana rodriguez

hi my name is ileana i have the penny 1943 second war is still iman my phone is 7873139021 this is in Puerto Rico. i like to here about you for this penny i will scan it in the next time thanks


my copper 43 is non magnetic.


i have a 1943 steel penny sticks on magnet can someone tell me how much is worth it..


I have a 1943 copper magnetic penny and I want to know if I can sell it $ and if its the one who is actually looking to purchase it.

Bobby Miller

i have a1943 penny siver can you help me find the value of this penny?


i have a silver penny just like that it is magnetic to i was wondering if it is worth anything and who i could buy it from

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