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Jamal Gipson

*sorry i meant to say im *not* predicting a football or basketball style takover

Jamal Gipson

im a 17 year old african amercian male and ive been swimming on and off since i was about 5...i honestly do think its something to do with muscles and them being heavier. I practiced everyday for years with the same white kids and we all started out at the same level but they just got alot better faster. Im not saying your not going to see black people in the swimming olympics in the near future but im predicting a huge football or basketball style takover


CULLEN JONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!


CULLEN JONES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

steven k

you have to suck eggs now the guy who was third in the line up for the USA TEAM relay race in beijing has just contributed to smashing the world record

black people can swim just as they can play golf once mastered there is no stopping them

nothing to do with bones or weight
you have to laugh at peoples ignorance

argument closed and blown out of the (excuse the pun) water

Tom McMahon

Or it could be that African-Americans are just tired of pursuits that don't pay well, like swimming and diving.


This would not be anti-black or racist as you note. The reason Blacks are not Olympic swimmers is not so much a mystery. Tennis and Golf were thought to hold the same Blacks can't do it aura. Whenever Blacks have even minimal access and participation in sports and other areas of society they tend to excel and become standard bearers. I can remember when college basketball could not conceive of John Thompson coaching at a "white university" and winning. The idea now seems almost embarrassing to pose. So, what about swimming? Stay tuned.


Ya gotta love Walter Williams. He tells it like it is! Thanks for the post. I hadn't seen that one yet.



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