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Some time ago, I really needed to buy a car for my corporation but I did not earn enough money and could not order anything. Thank heaven my brother suggested to take the loan from creditors. So, I acted that and used to be satisfied with my commercial loan.


Normally, I might think that this is a spoof article from "The Onion." It has all the marks. Unfortunately, it is too true.

Rae Stabosz

Play this to those who think Terri is a "vegetable"!

Drudge Report has released an audio tape of Terri responding to her father on Friday afternoon.

The link at the Drudge Report is flooded but you can also hear it here:

Hear Terri.

She does not sound like someone who will not feel being starved to death. She sounds, in fact, like a brain-damaged child of my acquaintance who is being raised at home by his mother.

This tape is witness to a human life being lived although debilitated, for those who have ears to hear.


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