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Cheryl can be seen daily on CNN News channel and doing the weather.:) Sept 2011


where is she now ? since the wheather channel screwed up.

Tom Schmitz

Cheryl, are you related to
Bob Lemke, former AG-2 USN,
aboard USS Oriskany, 1964-65? thanks, tom


I sat across the aisle from her in 5th grade.

larry lassiter

I rember whean I first seen Cheryl on t.w.c and thout she wase nice and sweet or speshale ,
about five or sex years ago
I wood like to some day pick her brain so;to speek about sience and such sence she is a sienctse off sorts ,and the fact she is cute helps to . on a personal note iff I may saye ime a karate man my self and wood be hounerd to stick up fore a tallented, sexy laddy as hear .

Greg Jackson

I just saw Cheryl on the weather channel - watching it in our living room in Castle Rock, CO. I told my wife that I was just sure I had herad the voice and the name before (of Cheryl Lemke) but could not place her. When I saw the comment from Ms. French above, I knew it! I lived in Terre Haute, In from '79 to May of '85.
My, have things have changed for us all!!

irene french

I remember Cheryl Lemke when she worked at WTHI-TV in Terre Haute, Indiana I was so sad she left she was really great giving the weather.

Jane Ealy

I am sure I remember Cheryl Lemke from WCIA Channel 3 in Champaign, Il. This was probably 20+ years ago. I think of this every time I see her and would appreciate an answer.
Thank you!!

Carlos M. Llanes Sr.

Dear Cheryl Lemke; 10-17-05
Did you happen to be at Fort Jackson S.C. 1978/79, If so(Capt)lyle" B-7BN,2ND,BDE,2ND PLT, 30TH of may 1978. Weren't you in EchoComp, Charley, delta,alpha Company
Drill Sgt. burgess. IF so Please call me at 1-760-486-6915 or email me back . If you happen to
Have the year book 1978, or my photo Please scan It and email copies back. I have thirteen kids And Four Grandkids, (5)kids and (5)spouses and other,
relatives figthing around the world, VA#L1731
Thank You for the greatjob you do every day

yours truly


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