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Elaine DuPont

For Lana Cogbill Iam sending you my email dupontbernard@att.net Please get in touch.


in the 50's my folks took to corriganville for a piknik. there I met Crash who gave me a ree horse ride. i also met "Tonto", jay Silverheels, the lone ranger wasn't there but Tonto said he left a silver bullet for me. I got to see fort apache, dispointed it was only fronts. As we had lunch we watched badguys/goodguys fight atop a rock and then knock each other into the lake. there were also gunfights etc. on main street, we reeally need something like this to come back for good family place to go.


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Jordan Spizike

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Drew A. Wardlaw

My wife and I recently visited cousins in Simi Vally. He took us to Corriganville Park to walk and see the historical area. It jogged my memory. My family lived in San Fernando in the early '50's.We visited there while we lived in S. Calif. I remember the act as the hero's stormed out and mounted their horses. Corrigan's(?) pistol dropped from his holster.
In the shoot out a stunt man tumbled from a roof top onto a porch roof and into a hey filled wagon.After the act was over the stunt man didn't move. He had hit his head on the side of the wagon and knocked himself out. I saw him after he was tended to with a patch above his left eye.

Doug neail

Hi i grew up goldin valley estates next to hope town,1967-73 ust to swim tarzan lake remember fort apache. Wh i wasnt sneekin in i was with my friend mike dussault visiting his friend david bower whos mom lived with mr howel? Caretaker of h. Twn. We'd push the messersmit cars up the hills and ride them down. Wat a wonder full childhood thank you hope twn!

lana cogbill

My mother, Norma Dossett ( Martinez) is a first cousin of Elaine Dupont, If anyone has a way to get ahold of her or information on Elaine or her family I would love to get intouch with Elaine, looking for Grand parents and father info, thank you , Lana cogbill (daughter of Norma Dossett (Martinez).


My grandmother, Louise Forte (Schoonover now)worked at Corriganville as a stunt double and told me that thats where she met my grandfather, Jim Schoonover. I just wanted to know if anyone remembers them that I could get ahold of.

Thank You,


Donna Prenta


My name is Donna Prenta and I am a member of the Rotary Club of Simi Sunset in Simi Valley. We are holding a festival at Corriganville Park to help to raise money for restoration and refurbishing of the park. I thought you may be interested in having information about the festival.

It is called the Rhythm & Brews Festival www.rhythmandbrewsfest.com there will be six bands from different genres playing to help raise money for the benefit. We also have micro-breweries throughout CA attending and donating their beer to have a micro-brew sampling and contest. The vendors will be located in the old Sherwood (Robin Hood) Forest. We are trying to raise awareness about the history of Corriganville and peak interest in restoring the park.

If you could pass along our festival information to others that may be interested in attending this historic Movie Ranch that would be fabulous!

Thank you for your consideration.

Donna Prenta

glenda collins

I have a '' corriganville movie ranch program,''
I can,t find it on your links no date, but its
a close up picture of him it says Howdy, folks
corriganville movie ranch and the phone # was B.R.2-9045 or C.R.4-5475
the middle shows the grounds and im wondering if this would be worth anything , Im going to try and sell it. thanks glenda

vicki erlan

I visited Corrigan Ranch ( about 1952). I was a child & had a big, secret crush on Crash. I always lived for "The Range Busters!" Crash was my secret love and hero! I liked Dusty King, too, but not as much. Anyway, I conned my grandparents (who lived in southern Cal.) to take me to Corrigan's Ranch while vsiting them. I'll never forget the shock when they pointed my hero out to me: He looked much older & was heavier than in his serials. Same cute smile, though and nice tan.

Ivan G

Thanks for the point to this site, Tom--I've only recently become a "Crash" fan, due no doubt to his appearances in the Republic serials Undersea Kingdom and The Painted Stallion.

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