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I can't believe that all the time watching The Nanny , I never knew that she was coping with such a traumatic event. Fran truly is amazing.


Awww sorry Fran,This happen to!I prayed that you will move on with blessing!!! And i love that you got backup and showed people you can do it to!!You are a beautiful strong woman!!!Love you!!1 day i will maybe Meet you...You inspire me..Thank you!Love your New show very funny!!!


I heard that bystanders fled from the hellish noises that they heard.
The sound of Fran being raped must have been terrifying.




I heard her husband was forced to watch and that the psychologist she went to told her just to forget it. That there's no way to deal with something that ugly. Just head straight for as much denial as you can get. Sickening. I'm a liberal and I think they should fry this rapist three or four times just to be sure he's crispy. Mabe even let Fran flip the switch for some closure.


Now why did I have to be born when all the wonderful actresses are older and everything they did is over with like the nanny I love that show to death, and it really sucks that it's over and to think I watched living with Fran not even knowing that this show existed. Fran is such a wonderful person and has gone through a lot from what I read...

Sarah Hoss

i love fran and its makes me so angry that someone would rape her i hope they die a slow and painful death and burn in hell

David Bowie

I didn't know Compton had their own plates

jesus crust

liberal shit deserve to die for all the evil they inflict on the innocent. what goes around comes around. die faggots.

theresa mccorkle

I was so glad to see that my favorite actress had put oout a book telling about her health problems. when i found her book i had just found out that i had the same thing, i was only 30 yrs old when i found out. i have 1 child who is 16 years old they told me if i didnt have her when i did i would never of had kids. i wanted to say ho wonderful i think fran is for putting her story out there.

Ashley Tinkle

I read Cancer Schmancer in two days. It was so good, I could'nt put it down. Fran has inspired me to tell my own story with the doctors I've encountered. I hope that one day, I can sit down with Fran and talk to her one on one. One of my doctors told me that since I've got Polycystic Ovary Disease, that I too, could end up with cancer. All I want to do is to be able to reach out to Fran in hopes that she can give me the strength and courage that got her through. She's my favorite actress and next to my mother, she is my biggest inspiration. I admire her so much.

maya rodriguez

i read the story and are very sad to here that it is still happening.

Tom McMahon

Her book Cancer Schmancer is pretty good too. You are right, she truly is amazing.

gene kelley

i im so sad to hear that such a horrific act was perpetrated on such a terrific lady,it makes me sick in my stomach that this happened,and why do we as a country allow these animals to walk free,they should all be sent to a deserted island to live out the rest of their sick, evil, pathetic, (poor excuse for a human being)lives.and spend the rest of their days raping each other.i have the utmost respect for ms. drescher and how she has rised above this evil and gone on with her life in such a positive way,shes a remarkable womam with enormous talents and my hats off to her,what a SURVIVOR,shes over come some pretty hard blows that life has thrown at her and shes over come them with dignity and grace. shes one strong lady and heck of a role model for woman everywhere.shes a tower of strength,and i wish her all the happiness that life has to offer.why? her exboyfriend john would allow himself to lose such a dynamite lady is beyond me,he should be proud to be with such a breathtakingly geogeous sexy woman,who cares if people refer to him as mr. drescher he should have been proud to be with her.i wish her true happiness in her new quest for love.

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