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Both sides of the Europeans v Native People did some horrific stuff to each other. Don't forget, scalping was invented by the English, who were brutal to the original occupants of all the lands they conquered.
As a mixed blood First Nation Canadian and Scot I find the gushy, mystical depiction of Indians almost as offensive as the savage barbarian claims.
We tend to demonize the Other as a salve to our conscience when injustice is done.

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Don Young

I have an original from the 50s budweiser's poster of the custer's last stand and willing to sell at the right price

Ralph l. Whitcomb

Anyone interested can contact me at rafaelwhitcomb@yahoo.com and I would be glad to tell the history of this particular

Ralph l. Whitcomb

I have a beautiful custers last fight, purchased from one of the late owners of the long rail bar in cripple creek colorado in the late sixties. This custers last fight hung above the bar for many years in this famous gold town and I have owned it for forty years. The colors are brilliant and the picture is nearly flawless. Any one interested in this custers last fight can contact me at the email address listed.


We own the original poster that has been mended and framed. Wondering about what it is worth.


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There were hundreds of thousands of these distributed by Anheuser-Busch. So unless you can document the painting as the original they made the lithograph from, not worth much of anything.

In 1965, the artist's grandson - -Eric Von Schmidt (yeah, the folk singer) painted the battle -- historically accurate and THE FIRST TIME the battle was viewed for the point of view of Custer and his men, i.e., from inside the circle looking out.

Lots of suicides (save the last bullet for yrself)

There was a museum show at the Contemporary Arts Museum in Houston called "Here Lies Custer" (the inscription on his headstone)
I worked with him on that one, as a curator at the museum.

Most of Custer's men didn't speak English, but Gaelic or German -- the cavalry recruited German and Irish immigrants right off the boat (two countries with lots of horsemanship) and were put on a train from New York to Kansas, or wherever the cavalry was.

No one liked Custer -- his men hated him, the Army sent him to the dark side of the moon because of his insanity, and, apparently, the only person who admired him was actually Sitting Bull, because Custer was the only white man who could ride a horse as long as Custer (Sitting Bull called him "Iron Ass.")

The Indians had no idea who these fools were who rode into their valley -- it was 104 degrees, Custer had cut his hair short and wasn't wearing his trademark fringed jacket.

The best researched story was Evan Connell's "Son of the Morning Star." Well-written -- amazing to read how inept his officers were -- got drunk, didn't show up for the flanking part, etc...

Wade Munford

In the 1940's my father worked for A-B. One day he came home with one the prints. It is still in the family, but is beginning to suffer from age and exposure


We just inherited this print and were told that the owner had bought the rights to reprint it...How and who could we find out from if this is true.


if anyone has the original from the 50's, budweiser's poster of the "custer's last stand", and is willing to sell, please contact

Luwana Faulkenburg

Well decided to take the picture off of the wall and open it up. Looks like a poster instead of canvas. My grandma had this picture hanging in her living room when my dad was dating my mother in early 1950's. As I said above it has no colors except light blues and tans, looks just like the one above as to colors.

Luwana Faulkenburg

I see all types of pictures of this Custer's Last Fight but they all have color, like the red shirt on the indian. However my canvas painting is all painted in tan colors, no bright reds ect...

Luwana Faulkenburg

The painting is on canvas and has been behind glass in a frame since the 50's

Luwana Faulkenburg

I believe I have an original painting hanging in my living room. Who would I see about this painting?


I would like to buy one of these old prints. If someone is willing to sell their's please contact me at halimadere@yahoo.com. Make the subject line Custers Last Fight. Thank you.


History of the entire world is one of migration, conquering and conquest - by all the peoples of the world. And it is still going on today for much the same reasons.

Brian Buss

I also have a print from 1952 of this with a cardboard frame (made to look like oak I believe) If anyone has found a value on these please let me know !

you can email me at buss@alltel.blackberry.com


I bought the a canvas painting at a yard sale. Can someone put a price on this here print.


I actually have the original pair that hung in the lobby at A/B on Pestalozzi street. I'd really like to know the value of these as times are getting sort of tough here, and I see the economy getting worse, so any help here would be appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

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