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Mason Suna

If you listen using windows media say to the internet broadcast while watching tv and surfing the internet you can achieve the same results by varying the buffer, of course if you are using espn or yahoo's game snapshot stat trackers at the same time you will still be ahead of the game.

The worst is watching tv with my dad when he has his headphones on tuned to the local broadcast and he decides to future call the game.

Tom McMahon

After I posted this, I got this idea for when there's no game on: Run the audio output from your TV through this device, then out to an audio amplifier. Then set it for just a tiny little delay, so everybody talks out of sync like the Japanese in the Godzilla movies. Friends. Seinfeld. Bill O'Reilly. Greta. The Mind Boggles.


It's about time! It drives me crazy to listen to some commentator bias for "the other team" or who doesn't know what he's talking about.

When my favorite college team is playing, I would much rather have our guys give me the play-by-play, which is better done and more knowledgeable than that of someone who just picked up his notes in the booth and can't even pronounce the name of the team correctly. No kidding. I've listened to entire games where they can't pronounce the name of the team.

Same with baseball. I can't stand it during post season play when I have to listen to the worst announcers in the world. Most just like to listen to themselves talk and are terrible analysts. The time delay between radio and television often forced me to choose the national announcers. Not now! Hahahahahhahahahhahahhah.

Forgive me for seeming a little crazy. But, this has been a real pet peeve. You can classify this post of yours under Public Service.

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