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Rodney W. Stith, PhD

FYI:1900 testerday was written by Lee Simmons (2/3 credit) and Johnny Cameron, deceased (1/3 credit). The copyright is administered by Twin Lee Music,BMI,(2/3 ownership interest) which is owned by Lee Simmons. Cameron's daugher owns 1/3, but attempts to locate her have been unsuccessful. She was last known to be in Milwaukee. The 45 listed Johnny Cameron as author by "mistake". The original publisher, Lamaja music cheated the writers out of royalties, including bad checks. A lawsuit by Simmons resulted in a judgement which corrected the writer shares, but Lamaja still never paid them. The copyright recovery, reverting ownership to the authors, took place in the the 90's. A portion of the song was also featured in the TV show Temperatures Rising. The song also received an award from BMI for one million radio plays. I assisted Mr. Simmons with the copyright recovery...Rod

Sonny Rio

Since I was young, I loved that song I remember taking Drivers education classes at Burbank high school, in San Antonio and the driving teacher would set the radio on KQXT 102 "like smoke from a cigarette, dreams that You soon forget, its fading away" it was a great middle-of-the-road song great sleepsong in the backseat this was one I'll never forget it! Gggreat song!!**Sonny Rio***


1900 Yesterday simply means
their love is history.
The song is being sung in the present tense and she is saying their love is somewhere back in a time before.
1900 yesterday, the day before.
A sad yet poetic way.


This song has come in and out of my head many times since hearing it as a child. There is something about it that grabs you. I finally googled the lyrics today and came across your blog, as well. Thanks so much for posting about it. I am not the only one possessed by this song!


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air jordan

Green Leaf is excellent, imo.

David Snyder

While I totally hated Helen Reddy,I did like some of Olivia Newton-John's music( after making that overrated fairy tale about the '50's,her music became sheer trash).But how can anyone call Gordon Lightfoot a "stinker".I guess we all have our own opinions,but I've seen people moved to tears by his tribute song"Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald".However,I was a big fan of"1900 Yesterday"& after seeing Liz Damon's picture,I can't believe she didn't run the gamut of TV variety & talk shows.A beauty like her with a voice like that should have had many hits.


I was a 21 year old UC student in So. Cal. when the song came out. Most I seemed to be about one of 3 people who had heard the song. One didn't understand it, one didn't like it. Then, there was me. Haunting, different, harking back to the early/mid 60's, yet not.

I always thought the line "and it's 1900 yesterday" was an abstract "wish" to return to an earlier time when the romance was new and vital. After all, the rest of the lyrics concern how the love between the two people is fading or has been "thrown away."

That was my take on it then. It's still my take on it. An allusion to turning back the clock to a time when the romance was working.


I like the song "1900 Yesterday" also, but what does that title mean? Does 1900 refer to the year? Or it is the (military) time which would be the equivalent of 7:00 PM yesterday?

John P

I remember not only hearing but actually seeing Liz Damon perform at our high school senior class dinner back in 1973 along with the then unknown David Copperfield as the opening act. I think she was best known in Hawaii since that's where she was at the time.


When this song came out, I listened to it on an AM car radio with one lousy speaker while the windows were rolled down with a lot of wind noise to keep us cool. I always wondered what the words were.

Art L.

The song "1900 Yesterday" is one of my all time favorites. I originally heard it back in late 1970 as a kid, and I now have 2 Liz Damon LP's and have "1900 Yesterday" on a White Whale records CD compilation.

"1900 Yesterday" by Liz Damon is actually a cover version of the original by Betty Everett, a well known Chicago soul singer. Johnny Cameron was a Chicago soul producer and songwriter. I have the Betty Everett 45, it's on the UNI label from 1969.


Betty Everett released a version of
1900 Yesterday on Uni in 1968 or
69. It's really good, you should check it

Nonchalant Savant

Bleah... different strokes, I suppose. I'm the right demographic to theoretically enjoy it, but it's a bit too sacharine for my tastes.

HOWEVER - if we're talking about haunting tunes from yesteryear - the first one that came to mind was "Some Velvet Morning" by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood. Art Bell occasionally uses it as bumper music, and it never ceases to mesmerize me.

Andrea Harris

Huh. I really liked that. I think I might even get around to buying that if it's possible.

My musical tastes are changing. Once I would have run screaming from the room rather than listen to drifty pop songs. Now I find myself watching reruns of the Lawrence Welk show, once the tv program I hated most in the universe.

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