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Cynthia has it all wrong. A person, any person has a right to have their own personal beliefs. Peter Thomas has a great voice and like Peter Thomas, i detest gay marriage and I disapprove of abortion.
That doesn't make Peter Thomas or myself any less a person.


I love Mr. Thomas I hope to meet him and I hope to hear him in more forensic files and although I watch most if not all of the episodes I keep watching em over and over. I am haitian and I've been listening to Mr. Thomas since I came to this country for about 4 years and Mr. Thomas you are the best of the best narrators. Some time I tried to immitate your voice Mr. Thomas.
Hope to see you soon.


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Kyle Rubalcaba

His narration is just as great as the episodes and the solving and the cases and the trials and whatnot are curious. The moment I ever notice it is no longer his voice, it will be the end of Forensic Files for me as a viewer. No one could replace him. That's why I hope they make many episodes ahead of airing. I wish new episodes would continue to begin airing for at least the next year. Not to mention, forever. Maybe by slowing the rate of the airing of another new episode. Like down to one every 3 months. After all, they are exciting, and meanwhile, there are rates of different repeatings that range from as soon as a week. They can repeat plenty of the newer ones just like the old ones repeat. That can keep viewers focused. And every time a recent one is repeated among older ones, viewers would forget when was the last time an entirely new episode was aired. The show could continue with new upcoming episodes for years to come.


Does anyone know if Peter Thomas ever did a narration of the 12 dancing princesses? I had that audiotape in 1988 or so and listened to it incessantly because I loved the narration. Just curious if Peter was the voice.

Weatherly B. Hardy

Paula and Bud: Yes, he is.

Cynthia, et al, He is a narrator, a Reader-For-Hire. You pay him, and he reads your copy. That is his job, and he is a master of it. He likely has personal limits to what he will do. I print t-shirts. I even print shirts for people of a different political party than mine, or who go to a different church. I have even done jobs for my competitors. It's all about making a livelihood, keeping body and soul together. There are things I won't print, certainly, but a mainstream political issue isn't one of 'em. I would cut the man a little slack, especially as he shed blood defending our country in WW2 so people can rant to their heart's content on the internet.
Using Mr. Thomas' voice for the de-fib device prompts is ingenious. His calm tones could make the difference between panicking or saving a life.

Joe O'Brien

Today on a rainy day in New York, I decided to view my old films (UN Filmmaker) One that has always stood out was "Keeping of the Green" that was produced in 1972. It is about Parks, and there importance to us....humans. I believe it was Peter's first narration. I wrote a good script and Peter gave a superb voice over,and he is still at it, Forward to him please.


I just found a souvenir record from the Travelers Insurance exhibit at the 1964 NY World's Fair and Mr. Thomas' haunting, brilliant narration came flooding back into my memory. Nevertheless, I must say that, yes, although he and every other factually ignorant, hateful bigot has the right to verbally oppose gay marriage, I have yet to hear a plausible case for how granting another constitutionally guaranteed right to the pursuit of happiness somehow threatens the rest of you. It's a lifestyle, not a disease, you morons.


This is the most soothing voice I have ever heard!Not only do I love the show Forensic Files,but I can't even go to sleep unless I hear his voice.My husband laughs and tells everyone this is my other man.I just want him to know how much he and his voice are appreciated!




No kidding. He isn't some horrible guy because he doesn't support your views. You call people closed-minded but you sure aren't open to other peoples' opinions. Peter kicks butt.

Tom McMahon

Cynthia and Caleb, why not just try being more open-minded to viewpoints other than your own?


I'm with Cynthia on this. The guy has a soothing voice, but if he is a right-wing bigot, I can't admire him. I had intended to send him a fan letter, but it looks like he won't be getting one from me. To the other right-wing bigots who have posted here: There is room enough in the country for everyone (including married gays). Please stop spewing your hate everywhere.

Paula Eberhart

Is Peter Thomas the narrator of Redstone Federal Credit Union commercials? Thank you

Bud Eberhart

We are curious. Is Peter Thomas the voice of Redstone Federal Credit Union commercials?

My wife and I love his warm voice.

Thank you


Nice grammar you hypocritical moron.... Double negatives just don't seem right oh pious one! Cynthia, you are a moron. It's people like mr. thomas that gave you the right to speak aloud, even if it is total bull.

Louis B. Thomas

Just like most of the TV narrators, Peter is guilty of this most egregious error:
They moved into Hughes' house should be read as they moved into Hughes-es house and not Hughes house. I don't recall Peter ever getting it right. Bill Kurtis is another serious violator along with probably 98% of
all narrators. Someone should also clue Bill Kurtis in that larynx is pronounced as (lar-inks) and not as (lar-nix.) I'm a tenth-grade drop-out who was always at the bottom of the class, but it seems that I have a better handle on my mother tongue than most the professionals do. It is absolutely appalling and inexcusable.It just drives me up the wall when I hear the language brutalized by so called educated professionals. I don't hardly never make no stupid mistakes like they do and that is why I write and talk so good.

Captain's Reqqed Journals

despite his "moralistic" political view's, I want a question answered. I am searching(and with no end result) for a set of Radio dramas he did "Tales of Mystery and Suspense" I grew up listening to them as a child(on cassettes) the set was in my school library and I loved nothing more. They included Edgar Allen Poe's works as well as H.G. Wells and Jewels Verne. Another voice actor of good talant joined him(don't know his name) anyway who or where could direct me a search for a site with at least info on the tapes/cd's or whatever media, I just want to know if i can get a fresh set of this wonderful audio drama.


Sorry Alice, with all the glee you Obamatrons had last November, gay marriage was banned on the same day. How do you like your equality now! :)


Max Props to Peter Thomas. Forensic Files could never be Forensics Files without Peter Thomas. Cynthia is right though to say that she was disappointed in his 'beliefs' but I've learnt to disassociate people's professional works with their personal lives. It is never a good mix in my experience.

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