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Kenneth T

I just wanted to leave a few lines to let you know something and possibly, request a favor. First, It's not exploitation that your work with the girls is finally coming into light on our American culture. Heck, If all other nationalities or ethnic background women can pull themselves out of their homes and show themselves to the world. Then why can't our peoples women? Besides, the women know what's going on, not to mention that they want to be noticed to. If it gets the Native Men off the streets, booze, drugs, etc. Then they'll notice our beautiful Native Honeys in a new perspective. Who knows, maybe it will alter their drive to move forward and say, "hey, if our women are succeeding, then I will to. SECOND: Do you have a 2006 calendar of the honeys or know how I can get that year. I looked, but no luck.

Thank you,
Kenneth T
Kansas Kickapoo Tribal Member

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