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I'm only 25, but when I was a kid we had a "safe" toy to do this same thing. It was a forge encased in hard plastic, you'd dump in a measured amount of metal pellets into it, it would heat a few minutes and you could pour it into one of many molds it came with. Then there was a safety lock that you couldn't open until it cooled.

In fact, I just recently found one of my one-armed metal wizards.


Power tools are not just a guy thing! I love power tools.


Lauren, it wasn't that they didn't move. It was that you made the castings yourself. And, if you tired of them, you could melt them down and get new molds.

It's a guy thing. Like power tools.

glenn johnson

Metal casting is fun because you can make anything you want or maybe because it is a souvenir does look like a toy but i love them even though they don't move. Just a Souvenir lol. I have to admit when you look at them you remember something, don't you?

Lauren Glenn

I don't get it. Maybe it's because I'm a girl, but what fun is a peuter statue that can't move? :)

Dave Munger

They should call it "Johnny deformed"


We've really progressed. Today kids melt plastic pellets to fill molds.

Sean Hackbarth

Then you chew on the toy. 30 years later you can sue some random lead producers for any problems, even if it's just emotional stress. Heck, Milwaukee almost got away with it with its lead paint lawsuit.

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