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Sexy and you know it

Nazi's can be funny. But as for witches... no i don't think so.

Sexy and you know it

Yay rainbow Nazi people

Taobao auction

une personne connue:tout le monde cherche à prendre une photo avec elle:)


*Just bend the angles on the nazi swastika to more of an "S" shape and you have the Witchcraft Elemental Swastika*


I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be about a homosexual person who is constantly screaming about the intolerances towards and inflicted upon homosexual people;
However, they are intolerant to anything non-homosexual.

Well, the flag itself.

The pictures of the people are just for show.
Maybe like some iconography for gay people to follow that idea or something.

Like reverse Nazi-ism or something but changing the use of the Swastika (yet again), since Nazis stole it from Witches (originally used as meaning the combination of the Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit)

Tom McMahon

Nothing, really. Like Springtime for Hitler.


what is this supposed to mean?


Look on the bright side. Soon you'll be dead.

Oh - that's my bright side.

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