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If the shot had come from above and behind the exit wound would have been his face. All autopsy photos show that his face was completely untouched, except the small entrance wound of the bullet that killed him at his top right hand side at the hairline.


VIEW...the image of Dealey Plaza above "NOTE" the

"Round & Square" marks on the footpath.

The Round Mark is the Cover to the Storm Sewer Drain.

This is where the ASSASSIN hid & fired the "fatal.shot" @ JFK.


The.... "KILLSHOT"
in the. "KILLZONE"

was a frontal shot from underground...the Mancover,
& the "SLIT" in the Roadway.


Has any of your bloggers been to the site? I'm no expert but it seems to me the grassy knoll is the worst possible place for someone to escape unseen. You'd have to climb the overpass to get out of there. No place to park an escape vehicle. I'm sure its possible that someone could have gotten away unseen, but not likely. Any professional assassin wouldn't take that risk.

Bill Butler

I agree with your stmt and conclusion concerning the angle of a grassy-knoll shooter. Your diagram shows the view from above and note that there is an overhanging tree in the line of fire. The limited clearance from under that tree in Nov-63 allowed little time to sight a target traveling laterally and would have been difficult at best. The clearance only allowed the view of the road showing a car but no passengers until Kennedy was 25 yds and almost lateral from the grassy knoll as shown in your diagram. Any earlier shot was impossible and blinded by foliage.


A Knoll shot would have blown out the left rear side of Jack's head and wounded Jackie, the geometry shows that, Plus all the doctors originally said the entry wound was in the front LEFT side, only changing their stories AFTER the Warren commission lawyers told them they were mistaken.

Harry A. Yardum

All of the Doctors at Parkland and Bethesda
saw an exit wound in the
back of JFK's head and
claimed this was an shot
fired from the front. The
combination of the eye-
witnesses who saw the shot
from the front, and the
Medical experts leave no
doubt the the shot from the
front was the kill shot.'
Case Closed..............

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