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Fuzz Martin

The music industry is run by some of the least business-minded people on the planet.

The new "Performance Tax" that the industry idiots are trying to push through (more info at: noperformancetax.org) is designed to tax local radio stations for playing music free to listeners. This is a $1.5 to $2.4B tax per year - on top of the rights fees that radio already pays. Radio promotes their, at no cost to the record labels, and now they want even more? Ridiculous. This will not bode well for the industry.


This is no different from the old days when people would make compilation tapes on cassette and pass them around. That's how my friends and I learned about new music.

The real scandal of Napster is that at the time it was impossible to pay for a download. What sort of industry would make it easier to steal than buy. If I were a label exec of that era there would be blood in the marketing department.

Bruce Oksol

That is so correct. Examples:

1. I often see folks rave about a YouTube video, saying: a. thanks for posting; b. I never heard them before; c. I love them; d. I'm rushing out to buy the CD.

2. I surf YouTube looking for old and new music; I often find something I like; and, then I go to iTunes to buy a song. I do it all the time.

3. YouTube is one big advertisement for music. I watch sports on television. Every time a Budweiser commercial appears, I don't rush out and buy a beer. Every time a Nike commercial comes on, I don't buy a new set of shoes, but every so often I do, just like on YouTube -- every time I watch a video, I don't rush out and buy the CD, but every so often I do.

Yeah, shutting down music advertising, as it were, was really stupid.

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