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With blogs like this around I don't even need website anymore. I can just visit here and see all the latest happenings in the world.

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Uh guys, dams dont stop sharks if they find their way into the locks. Like the barges and boats, they have an uninterupted path.

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Hello kckjarj kckjarj,
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good kckjarj!!

Greg L.

The shark in Minnesota story is, apperently, an April Fool's Day joke gone too far. Just read the fine print.


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Noah Voss

Hey great site.

Just thought I'd share what my research has turned up so far. It would seem that the Lake Pepin shark finding is fairly certain a hoax (see here at very bottom of the source article everyone is citing: http://www.nokomiseast.org/yard/light/creeksharks.html). Though, it should be included that I wouldn't be surprised at all if there actually were Bull Sharks in Lake Pepin. Was up there this last weekend on an investigation and was on the water all day Saturday and survived swimming twice!

Keep an eye out!
Noah Voss
Legend Trippers Journal

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do do do...Savannah road trip is a dream :) ~-~
hope to visit it soon thanks for picture :) like it!!!

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possible that ther could be Bull sharks


*Forget about stupidity, discover your ability.

Tim Daugaard

Is it possible that ther could be Bull sharks in the Illinois River, there could have been sharks that entered the river before the damms were put in many years ago. I live in Illinois and have been in that river many times, but with all these new shows out, has me wondering, that show, monsters inside me, but mostly the bull sharks.

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E não é que ontem, enquanto a gente jantava um arrozinho delícia, feito na hora, com um steak a parmegiana com molho de tomate de verdade, feito pelo namorado (hhmmm... tudo muito bom), o assunto virou para os 7 pecados capitais. Conseguimos encontrar 6, algum ficou perdido por aí!
Então essa é pra lembrar, relembrar e entender:

concerned citizen

i was chatting with a friend who began telling me of creepy story about being on the mississippi on a kayak in front of the arch and had bull sharks attack the kayaks they immediately got out of the water and did not return roughly 2 years ago true story

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In my mind you are the best*_*

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I agree with your idea.You look like very talented.It is very happy to meet you. Thank you!

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I will not go in the water in any river. I do believe that their is sharks in the Mississppi. Has there been any more reports?

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