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I think spring is extra special in Minnesota, for just the reasons identified in this piece. Thanks for sharing!

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This is really cool!.. thanks for sharing.

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I think this cannot be avoided in college campuses because of too much stress or pressure. I suggest that administrators forward the cases to rehabilitation centers so they can still learn and be emotionally healthy still.

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Hello Caroline! I agree with what you said about students who aren't involved in drinking are those who needed to check their behavior because of other responsibilities they need to attend aside from being students. These type of people are compelled to be in their best behavior if they want to succeed in life; the thing that those students in binge of drinking in college campuses must realize now. Drinking is okay as long as it does not compromise important things in life such as education.

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Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.

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Wow! BoB. Well, I did assume the strong possibility that Drew watched an internet copy of the movie. I did not accuse, but I did sort of imply that just to be concise. I have a tendency to say too much and preamble too much. I could have said "If you mean "X-Men Origins: Wolverine"..." and "If you are a human being..." and "If you live in the United States...". Or, I could have asked these questions first and waited and then commented. But I was trying to keep it to a short informative comment, so I made a few assumptions.
If you notice, I did not comment on the quality of the movie. The special effects issue is fairly common knowledge, but not known by all. I was just trying to inform others, and maybe Drew, about that problem. I guess that'll teach me to try and contribute.

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Never too old to learn.*

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I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.


Or, gee, how about you KICK THEM OUT OF SCHOOL after they're caught.

Instead, most campuses have little deals with local police departments to ignore the parties, the underage drinking, and all the dirty, little shenanigans that often go on in plain sight.

Dave M

Make them live in people houses instead of dorms, and clean up their own puke.


I'm not sure I agree with that. Many of the binge drinkers are already missing classes and skipping assignments. I don't think a more rigorous schedule would change that.

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