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I loved cartoons, because most of them tell us the true in a sarcastic way,and I really like this one.

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He is so talented, my name is also Sergio and I'm also trying to become an artist specially drawing cartoons.

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One picture is worth a thousand wards.

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i like this part of the post:"The Little Cartoons of Mad Magazine's Sergio Aragones" is very good


My favorite marginal was a corner wrap-around. It was on an odd numbered page (so the right side) and showed a train speeding down the tracks. At the bottom of the page was a tow truck; with the driver hell-bent on making the crossing before the train. Being pulled behind the tow truck was a disabled car with the driver inside and a look of absolute terror on his face. You could see plainly that the truck was going to make it, but the car...?

Great stuff!

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