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So, TerryN, you're saying that the ends justify the means? That's not only not only Machiavellian, but also a route that almost always leads straight to evil.

Jim Crow, a specific kind of government-enforced segregation, was wrong.

In contrast, self-segregation is right. You may recognize it better by its First Amendment name: Freedom of Association.

Unfortunately, in an inevitable outgrowth of the Civil Rights movement,* Freedom of Association has been killed by the liberal and leftist ideologues, in part by their over-application and misapplication of the Incorporation Doctrine, which stands the Tenth Amendment on its head.

* More here:


I must say that even knowing things are usually not how they are portrayed in the media I commend the NAACP, Rosa Parks, Claudette and Mary.

Right always trumps wrong.


Nick did.

Tom McMahon

Who's suggesting that, Nick?


So? What exactly does this change? Segregation is now still ok? Their methods of trying to change horrible laws were wrong? They should've just taken it for a little while longer until more "enlightened" white folks decided the better of themselves and changed the laws nicely?

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