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You have very nice site!

Tom McMahon

Teresa, This vowel-elimination ploy works great! Thanks for the really swell idea!

Mitch Wagner

Tm McMhn, dn't knw wh y r, nd 'v nl rd ths n pst n ths blg. Bt y d nt sm t hv N ndrstndng f pltcs nd gvrnmnt thr t ll. Y dmnstrt ths gnrnc b rfrrng t lctrlt s n "xtrml lft wng" blg.

Ptrck hs dmnstrtd spprt fr th cptlst sstm nd dmcrtc rpblcnsm. Tht's nt "xtrml lft wng," tht's lft-f-cntr. Ln Trtsk ws "xtrml lft wng."

Shsh. Wtt mrn.

Teresa Nielsen Hayden

Gd lrd, wht rs y d pt n. Y lst yr vwls n lctrlt fr th xct sm rsn nn ls lss thm: y wr bng rd, nd jrk, nd y wrn't bng th lst bt ntrtnng bt t.

nd, lk t lst nn t f tn (mb nntn t f twnt) ppl t whm ths hppns, y'r sr t hppnd bcs w cldn't cp wth yr drng, chllngng, trrbl rgnl, nd nnswrbl wll-sttd ds.

S m hr, ywnng. Wht dwb.

Blv m, t hd nthng t d wth yr ds, r yr rgmnts, r yr pltcs, sch s thy r. Th bjctn ws prl prsnl.


Tht s rdcls tht th wld dlt th vwls t yr cmmnts bt nt th cmmnts thmslvs. Tlk bt cnsrshp!

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