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dejerre scurry

that is so cool


George Bush has destoryed our country- everything Clinton did to build it up, Bush has destroyed. Today the last of the US private equity banks were taken over by the fed because of the stupidity of the people (like Chelsea) who voted him into office... for a second term; o wait, they didnt vote him into office in the first place, they voted Gore in.

Good job Chelsea- i hope that you never reproduce cause i would hate to see more of you narrowed minded Bush lovers in the world who think "bombing the terroist" was the only solution to our problem.

Chelsea Harrell

George Bush rocks and you who are against him need to open your damn eyes and see that. I highly doubt any of you narrow minded idiots could see how much he's done for this country even if you did. If we hadn't gone to war, I bet those damn terrorits would have flown more planes into building and could've killed us all, you dumbasses. Ya'll are just little pussies and are mad at him because he's got the balls to step up and give those damn terrorists what they diserve, a good boot up their asses.

Tom McMahon

I like to think of this site more as a clearinghouse for befuddled Swiss who couldn't find this link in the story above!:




Is this a site for absolute stupidity?


I appreciate your idea to do something for the education of clever kids, but I am sorry to say that I do not find President Garfields proof of the pythagorean theorem (or anything leading to it) in your website.......


Koldfyre (Ed)

I agree.
I am not at all happy bought the War on Iraq. In addition to the war costing millions of dollars its just not right to barge in like that killing hundreds of people while trying to save a huger proportion of the people. I never could make up my mind. Is it right to sacrifice/murder/kill one life or a few lives for the wellfare or existence of the bigger proportion of the people?
Should one person be killed for the wellfare of the rest?


Bushy couldnt do s**t.... he is a f**kin dumba**

Tom McMahon

No, but I bet he could find some bright kid from one of those faith-based educational programs to do it for him!

Lily West

Do you think George Bush could do the same?

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