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Christopher Phillips

I agree with the comment above. "Disco Duck" is the worst song of all time. But, here are some others in my opinion:"Fast Car", by Tracy Chapman, "Come On Eileen", by Dexys Midnight Runners, Ice Ice Baby, and Heaven On The 7th Floor, by Paul Nicolas.


What about Lady In Red by Chris de Burgh? It makes me want to take an axe to the speakers every time I hear the smug git. Ditto Wind Beneath My Wings (is it Bette Midler?) and The Greatest Love of All (don't know who perpetrated that) give me a red mist.

Melissa McMahan

Sorry "Disco Duck" is the song even writen! A close runner up is that stupid song, "Someone Left My Cake Out in the Rain" your list of songs are bad too but nothing is as bad as these two songs I've pointed out here.

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