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I called him nuts for something that *is* nuts -- asserting that he can control the use of the word "Fahrenheit."

You call me nuts for saying so. You don't offer any substantive criticism, just a bunch of straw men and some ad-hominem about Moore, who is irrelevant to this discussion.

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has been fighting this battle for some time and they continue to be concerned about other forms of discrimination against these inmates. Not to worry, however. According the Huntsville Times, Richard Allen, head of Alabama's Department of Corrections, reassures us that:

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Squilla il telefono a casa Papagnetti, ma non c'e’ nessuno tranne il cane.
Squilla, squilla, squilla, alla fine il cane si stufa e si arrampica al mobile del telefono, gli da' una zampata e rovescia la cornetta sul pavimento.
Voce: "Pronto? ".
Cane: "Bau!".
"Pronto?! ".
E il cane: "Bau! ".
"Ma chi parla? Non si capisce niente! ".
E il cane: "Bau! Bau! ".
"Pronto! Non la sento bene! ".
E il cane incazzato: "Bau! B come Bologna, A come Ancona, U come Udine! ".


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What's the difference of soldier, diplomat and maiden?

When soldier says "Yes", it means "Yes".
When soldier says "No", it means "No".
If soldier says "Maybe", he's not a soldier.

When diplomat says "Yes", it means "Maybe".
When diplomat says "Maybe", it means "No".
If diplomat says "No", he's not a diplomat.

When maiden says "No", it means "Maybe".
When maiden says "Maybe", it means "Yes".
If maiden says "Yes", she's not a maiden.


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Once an Irish man was seeking for job and that was very long process. Every day
he read newspapers looking for job announcements, but unfortunately he couldn't
find anything. And one day he's found that one company needs a qualified
woodcutter. Lucky Pat put the newspaper into the pocket and ran to the office of
this company. He found the boss, sitting in the big room in the big arm- chair.
-Ok, Pat, - the boss said, - I can give you a job, but first I'd like to see
what you can. I need good worker - so you must cut 100 trees a day. If you do
this, I'll pay you 20 pounds a day. But if you fail, you'll get nothing. I'll be
testing your abilities for three days - if you cut 100 trees a day, you'll get
60 pounds and the job. Otherwise, go away, - I don't need
kids in my company. Take the chain-saw and start.
Pat went to the tools shop, took the chain-saw and started to cut trees. He
worked all the day and in the evening 70 trees were cut. Pat came to boss and
- Boss, I've cut 70 trees today. Will you pay me?
- No, Pat, we have the agreement - 100 trees or nothing. You should work better
Next day Pat got up early in the morning, with the sunrise. He worked till
sunset and cut 90 trees. He came to boss and said:
- Boss, I've cut 90 trees. That's much more than yesterday. I'm tired, I'm
hungry, please, pay me several pounds to let me have some rest.
- No, Pat, - boss said, - we have the agreement - 100 trees or nothing! If you
cut 100 trees tomorrow, I'll pay you 60 pounds - then you may have some rest!
Next day Pat got up before the sunrise. He worked hard all the day, without even
any short break. When the last rays of the Sun dissapeared in the darkness, 99
trees were cut. Poor tired Pat came to boss and said:
- Sir, I've cut 99 trees, I can't do more. I'm very tired, I'm very hungry,
please, pay me something to let me eat a little and sleep for several hours.
- No, Pat, - boss said. You're lazy, you can't work well. Bring your chain-saw
to the shop and go away! I don't want a worker like you!
Poor Pat went to the shop with his chain-saw. A man, who was in charge of all
the stuff in the shop, took his saw and turned it on to see is it Ok. The
chain-saw loudly started - it was full of gas and worked fine. He put it on the
shelf, turned around and saw Pat astonished, with widely opened mouth.
- What's wrong, buddy? - asked he.
- Shit, I've never thought that this saw may work itself! - exclaimed Pat.

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In the park, somewhere in London one gentleman sits on the grass, kissing young
girl. Policeman comes to them and says:
- Finish, guy!
Gentleman answers with pride:
- No, sir! I'm British!


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