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Tom McMahon

Cory, I said you went nuts, not that you are nuts. Going nuts over something from time to time is not a necessarily a bad thing at all. Being nuts is something totally different. It's the difference between say, John Wayne and John Wayne Gacy.

And sorry, I really don't have any psychic powers. The only person alive who has those is Michael Moore himself. That's how he's able to draw all those conclusions he comes to from such limited evidence.

It seems to me that reading the WorldNet Daily story you link to that Bradbury was angry at Moore for avoiding him, and at Moore's publisher for not getting back to him as promised. The sad thing is that all this kerfluffle probably could have been avoided with just a litle common courtesy on Moore's part. But I suppose that's never been his strong suit.

Cory Doctorow

Well, let's see. Bradbury says that his criticisms have nothing to do with Moore's politics. I say that my feelings about Bradbury's comments have nothing to do with Moore's politics.

You say that this has everything to do with Moore's politics.

Can you fill those of us without psychic powers in on how you arrived at this conclusion.

Bradbury called Michael Moore an asshole and a horrible human for not getting permission to use the word "Fahrenheit" in a title. That's nuts.

I called him nuts for something that *is* nuts -- asserting that he can control the use of the word "Fahrenheit."

You call me nuts for saying so. You don't offer any substantive criticism, just a bunch of straw men and some ad-hominem about Moore, who is irrelevant to this discussion.

Bradbury avers that he would say this about anyone who used the word "Fahrenheit" in a title, regardless of politics. Do you think that's a good idea? An appropriate principle for the champion of free speech who wrote Fahrenheit 451?

IOW, do you support free expression for everyone, or just the people you agree with?

Tom McMahon

OK, OK, let me see if I got this "projecting" thing straight:

Projecting: Cory Doctorow Goes Nuts Over Ray Bradbury Ripping Michael Moore

Not Projecting: Bradbury goes nuts over Fahrenheit 9/11 title

Uh, right. Why not just play it straight and admit this has everything to do with the politics of Michael Moore? Unless you think his politics aren't worth defending . . .

Cory Doctorow

You're projecting -- just because your poltiical bias (i.e., disliking Moore) causes you to be unreasable, you assume that's true of me.

Bradbury's sin has nothing to do with Moore's politics. Bradbury asserts that he has the right to control the use of the word "Fahrenheit" in titles. This is a terrible, anti-expression idea, something that would be blindly obvious to you if the mere mention of Michael Moore didn't make you go all nutso yourself.

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