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I am looking for a hood ornament call the Action Twins, or Wonder Twins or Liberty Twins made by the Action Hood ornament Company. THX

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Hi, I am looking for a hood ornament called the Action Twins or Liberty twins or Wonder twins...made by the Action hood ornament company.
THX john

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Can anyone help me identify an old hood ornament? I have a picture of a beautiful old car (maybe late 30's) with a hood ornament just above the grill ( big retangular grill with a centre piece kinda' like a y-shape).
The ornament is mounted on the front of the car above the grill, not on the front, top part of the hood.
The ornament is a face with a lrage mustash blowing in the wind and the hair on the top of the head stand up, kinda' like a roosters comb. The face looks a bit like a forest wizard.


My friend has a 1936 parkard Eagle hood ornament he was told only 100 were made then they broke the mold. It's about 10" tall the eagles wings are pointed up and flowing behind. Dose any one have any Ideas
Peace and light

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en un camino de la patagonia encontre una tapa de radiador hood ornamente de bronce
es la figura de un bobby o policia ingles con una mano en alto parece una caricatura
supogo que corresponde a los años 1920

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I have a 1928 chrome hood ornament called "THE WONDER TWINS". Can any one tell me what it's worth?

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hey got an old die cast hood ornaments/radiator cap has man with amour head n chest waz gold painted i think chain mail round neck and chest plate is like a very small shield with wings at front of it helmet but the plumes of it snaped any info at all

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Hey everybody! It's me the guy with little Nascar knowledge. I got a few questions for those who have been there and done that! Why aren't there any serious Smash Up Derbies anymore? I remember as a kid I would visit friends in Indianapolis (many, many years ago!) we would go see the local smash up derby race and other stuff and I thought it was fun! I know there's probably not a lot of money involved but didn't some of the great race drivers of yesteryear get there start like this?
Last question " Who else besides me had a SSP Smash em' up derby set or a Sizzlers race car set as a kid?


I have a large jeweled indian hood ornament.Ive seen small ones on ebay but nothing like, or as large as the one i have,any info would be great.I will send pics to anyone interested.burfullgunk@yahoo.com


You folks might try looking on ebay, under ebay motors/hood ornaments & you might see a few of those same hood ornaments. Dan Dec 31, 2009


hey got an old die cast hood ornaments/radiator cap has man with amour head n chest waz gold painted i think chain mail round neck and chest plate is like a very small shield with wings at front of it helmet but the plumes of it snaped any info at all


I have an old hood ornament or posibly a radiator cap. It is the devil, thumbing his nose. His face is red and he's wearing a black, high collared coat. His horns are prevailent. Could you tell me about it. Is it worth anything? Thanks.

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