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Steven Ginter

Just picked up a nice little 1972 AZ 600 coupe (Pop Orange) nice interior,
doing body work on it for a respray.
Motor was rebuilt by former owner, been sitting 20 odd years. Lots of hard to find N.O.S. parts came with.
My first car was a 1971 Honda N600 SEDAN in 1979, was GREAT in the snow in Washington State.
Always wanted a Coupe, LOVE IT!!!!
1500 pounds, 10 feet long, about 4 feet wide, fun to drive, HARD to find parts for, (only 15,000) made and only about 200 survived.


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i really want a 1970 600 coupe. if anyone knows where i can get one, almost any shape please let me know.money depending on condition.


I just came across this thread. If anyone has one or knows of one of these fir sale let me know. I'm in NC but would be willing to drive. I have had a 76, 77, 81 Civics and 2 91 CRXs. I am a huge Honda fan and trying to find one of these micros.


In '73 my Navy shipmate Matt bought a Z600 and drove it up from his L.A. home to our duty station in Monterey. The little machine easily brought Matt up California Route 1 to Monterey. But when Matt took three of us out for a cruise down Highway 1 to Monterey, three of us had to get out and push because the little "roller skate with a gland problem" simply would not ascend the steep grades around Big Sur. The worst for Matt was when the rest of us, following a few beers in the EM Club, used to pick up Matt's Honda and set it down astraddle the parking lot's concrete wheel stops - between four other flanking, parked cars, so that there was no way Matt could advance or reverse away from the wheel stops.

Matt, by the way, also owned a cherry 1959 Morris Minor, which in its own way was a grossly underpowered, slow-as-you-know-what car, but it had class up the yin-yang.

A few years after my discharge I bought a '78 Civic "S" - the top of the line Civic ("S" for "sport") model of its day, and my brother loved mine so much that he bought one too. Driving those fabulous Civic S's on the interstates at 75 mph my brother & I regularly got 53 mpg. In fact in the summer of '81 in my '78 Civic, which lacked a/c, my brother and I drove across our United States, down I-95 and across I-10, with the hatchback cargo bay crammed with our gear and, aside from sweltering in the cramped cabin for lack of a/c, the little Civic performed flawlessly and more than adequately.

Later, my '85 Civic, which supplanted my '78 model that had well over 100,000 miles on its clock, never got close to 53 mpg, getting, at best, about 38 mpg for interstate motoring.

Tom McMahon

In a word, no.


I was wondering how the heater inside the car works, and does it put out enough heat for a Minnesota winter, and also do these cars run on leaded or unleaded gas
Thanks for your input in advance

jessica hall

I just bought a 1972 Honda 600 today for 300$!! I'm very excited but have no idea where to start looking for the parts I'm going to need to fix this baby. Any good but not terribly expensive ideas?


andrew carry

im a owner of a 1970 honda 600 and can't wait to restore.coming soon


This is a sad story,I sold a 67 Nova SS 327 4spd posi, because of the "gas situation" to buy a 72 Honda Coupe that got 50 mpg and was fast! HA! It was yellow with a glitter paint job that was too cock,and it had port hole windows on both sides,in back. I sold it for the same price that I bought it for (900.00). I wish I had it today but the 67 Nova is worth 70,000 now,so how stupid was that?


Honda 600 owners rock!!
I lived in DC and had a 600 coupe in blue with black trim. Oh, how loved that puppy ... until someone went to help me change the speedometer cable and plug wires and started a fire. By the time it was out out, I needed a complete wiring harness and more, so I traded it in on a Civic. Just not the same. I still miss my "skate" and would buy another if I could ever find one that runs - I am so not a mechanic! Enjoy!

Allen Farlow

Oh, man! This really brings back the memories! I bought a '72 600 Sedan in the early 80's for $400 and drove it everywhere. Loved it! What a great little car. I used to get 50 mpg. But the engine finally went out so I took it apart to try to fix it. Found that rubber gear thingy between the engine and the trans blew into a million little pieces. Because I was on the freeway, it sucked up against the oil intake and blocked the oil flow, just fried the top end completely before I got it shut off. Completely ruined!
I ended up selling it for $100 to a guy who collected them in his back yard.

Sad end to a wonderful friend.

But it's nice to know I'm not the only one who loved that model of Honda! (I've had several Civics since.)

Kevin Caliguri

I bought a blue '72 Honda 600 Coupe in '74 with 1700 miles for $1,400 in Marquette, Michigan in the beautiful U.P where I grew up in Republic. It was by far my favorite car. I too have stories of the little go cart mysteriously moving about like sitting in a bar in Ishpeming seeing a police bubble flashing. I looked out the window and the car was up on the sidewalk. I never got a ticket and the cops had a good laugh. It was the best car in the snow I ever had, including VW bugs which were good too at the time. I could lift the back end of the jewel myself. On an early morning on January 1st, 1975 when I was 19 I hit some black ice on a curve and it did it's roller skate trick. I rolled my baby end over end 3 times after hitting an outcrop of rock (a small bluff) If I was smart I would have bought that car back from the insurance company. I can't tell you how many times I wished for that car back. I loved it. My best recorded MPG was 52 miles! I too can't understand that in 2007 humankind can't produce a car that is safer than the 600, 3 times as strong and can get 80 MPG! I never really drove it fast at high RPM's so it needed a strong tailwind up hills. It was good reading your reader's stories Tom. Thanks for the memories. I would like to find one too.


I had a 1971 600 just like the one above. I bought it in Portland, OR in 1974 for 1300.00 I sold it for 1200.00 after my family got too big for it. I wish I could find another one. It was a great car I got between 35 and 40 miles to the gallon depending how I drove it. The picture above brought back many memories.
I remember picking up the back of the car and parking it sideways in my garage and putting my Firebird in and closeing the door. I also got stuck at the beach with it and my brother and I picked up the front end and put it in some different tracks got back in and took off.


I bought a 600 sedan in 1971 in San Mateo, CA. It was great fun and dependable. When the gas situation hit I put an old Datsen gas tank in the trunk and connected the extra tank. I had a range of 600 or 700 miles and would only have to fill up every several weeks. 40 MPG!! Bought it for $1400 and sold it with 40,000 miles on it for $1200.


Nice! What kind of highway mileage do these things get? It's sort of a puzzle to me why we, in 2007, are so "amazed" by "green" cars like the Prius when jewels like these have been around for nearly 40 years.


Nice! What kind of highway mileage do these things get? It's sort of a puzzle to me why we, in 2007, are so "amazed" by "green" cars like the Prius when jewels like these have been around for nearly 40 years.

B. Wolf

I bought a new Z600 coupe in 1972 and had it a couple of years. It was the most fun car I ever had. I found one in good shape about a year ago and it is now undergoing restoration. The one I had was yellow, so this one is being changed from orange to yellow. Can't wait to get it done and start showing it off at the local cruises!

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