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Moore couldn't be honest enough to actually show the text on the plaque by the B-52 bomber "Diamond Lil".

"Dedicated to the men and women of the Strategic Air Command who flew and maintained the B-52D throughout its 26 year history in the command. Aircraft 55,003, with over 15,000 flying hours, is one of two B-52's credited with a confirmed MIG kill during the Vietnam conflict. Flying out of Utapao Royal Thai Naval Airfield in southeast Thailand, the crew of "Diamond Lil" shot down a MIG northeast of Hanoi during "Linebacker II" action on Christmas eve 1972."

Quite different from "proudly proclaims that the plane killed Vietnamese people on Christmas Eve of 1972."

One MIG pilot, who might have been Soviet or Chinese.


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It's just silly to say that Davison is remotely comparable to Flint, when looking at the important things like crime, schools, city services like police and firefighters, property values, foreclosures and bankruptcy. Perhaps the 'burbs aren't rolling in cash, but to say that they are the same is just not right. I was born in Flint, and not the nice part (Dupont and Thackery) but then moved to Davison after high school and they are not even close. Never had to pick bullets out of my brick when I was in Davison! =) I know just how lucky I am to not live on the north side anymore, and it bothers me when others try to claim they are from Flint to try and get some "cred". Michael Moore is NOT from the same Flint that I am.

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Thanks for your comments. And if you're ever in Milwaukee, try to make it to the Friday Night Fish Fry at Serb Hall!

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John Chandler

I was born in Flint, Michigan and lived on Pennsylvania Ave. My father worked at GM for 38 years. Later we moved to Davison Michigan as Flint Schools were so terrible. I attended Davison Senior High School as a freshmen while Michael Moore was a senior. I know him personally, and my sister worked with him on some community based projects.

Trying to make a case slander against Moore is not really relevent. From Davison my father drove five miles to AC Delco Spark Plug to work everyday. Nearly every home in Davison had a least one person directly or indirectly employed by GM. Confusing the matter more was Genessee county's establishment of "Burton", which I still have yet to figure is a city, township, incorporated, unincorporated or what. They do have there own police force though. Davison is so tied to Flint via both proximity and employement with GM, I myself refer to home location as Flint, Michigan, as no one has ever heard of Davison. Although Moore did indeed attend and graduate from Davison Senior High School, and lived 2 miles from home on Richfield Rd in Davison, nearly all of his extracuricular time was spent in the City of Flint area. I was familiar with some of the folks filmed in the Roger and Me documentary, and most of them were from Davison and well, transplanted to Flint.

For the most part not much distinction is made in Michigan between Flint and its surrounding "bedroom" communities. Also, there are nine surrounding cities/townships surrounding the Flint area, feeding workers into the GM maw. 2 or 3 like Grank Blanc, Swartz Creek and Flushing were places were most of mid/upper managment level lived and were wealthier communities. The rest including Davison, Mount Morris, etc, were strictly blue collar residential towns. As you may guess as things spiraled downward for GM workders, substance abuse (always extant at all Flint assembly plants - but kept under wraps by both managament and unions) became rampant, and now that the last GM facility - GM truck and bus is slated for closure in the near future, Flint, already the per capital murder capital of the US is looking towards a future of over 50% unemployment, were the only jobs paying over minimum wage are involved either in law-enforcemment, home and vehicle repossions, or the only true way to make enough money to get out of Flint, the drug trade.

As for Moore and Hamper, I also have met Hamper, have read Rivethead, and have friends in common with him.

I also have some poignant anecdotes re: Moore in DHS if you are interested.

Lastly say what you want about the man, he was dead on re: his conclusions in Roger and Me. Also if you are interested, his best documentary was his first one entitled "Blood in the Face" covering the KKK/Neo Nazi movement in Michigan, home then of the current grand dragon of the KKK. It is one of the finest pieces of investigative journalism ever produced in my opinion. As for Bowling for Colombine and 911, They were obviously very slanted pieces, but at the very least, He is one guy who made it out of here I know of, the only other being Ken Morrow of the USA olympic hockey team who helped defeat the Russkies in 1980. He a true hero of Davison, whose name was unfortunately deleted from the "Davison HAll of Fame" when the city elders decided to abolish the institution, rather than admit Michael Moore as a third member. That is the logic you are dealing with here with the "political intelligensia" in Davison, Michigan.

TJ Chandler


Nothing like finding this 3 years after it's publication and then wanting to comment ... but I have to say that most of us from what we call "The Greater Flint Area" refer to ourselves as being "from Flint" even if we live in Burton, or Davison, or even Grand Blanc. Davison is FAR from being a beacon of wealth, so you might want to check that information out ... I also went to Davison High School for awhile, and um ... so sorry ... the Flint gang signs were on our lockers. The town is ridden with low-income housing, much of it subsidized by the state. I know - much of my family lived there at some point. But also, the town is completely dependent on the Flint economy and on Flint social events, shopping, etc. I'm from a small town even farthr away, but since I studied in Flint, worked in Flint and even lived in Flint for the last bit of time I was in Michigan, I consider Flint my city as well. Nice try, there guy.

D. Carrell

Drako has a point. I grew up in Flint, and there is nothing there that I would want to go back to. Some sections of the city people are making the best they can. But large portions, they couldn't pay me to live there. When you see the neighborhoods with the vacant homes, the houses for sale for $5,000 that no one will buy, the bars on the windows and doors, you know there are serious problems.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, Moore's dad was white collar--he never had to worry about layoffs like the hourly people did. And while Davison may not be some rich man's mecca, it a'int Flint either.

Drako Blackwell

I was born and raised the majority of my life right in Flint. Born in St. Joseph's hospital, went to pierce elementary, holmes middle school, and then on to central high school. growing up in poverty is no joke, and although i now reside in sunny southern california, i'll never forget my roots, which is my beloved city. i was one of the "lucky" ones to make it out of flint alive, not just literally, but spiritually also. sometimes i wonder what is it that me, as a young black male with huge ambitions,could come back to flint and do to help my city that hasnt already been done, or at least tried? i just happen to run across this website, so anything about flint, michigan i feel compelled to add my 2 cents. thank you. oh, and one more question: WHY DO ALOT OF SUBURBAN KIDS (DAVISON, CLIO, MT. MORRIS, GRAND BLANC...ETC) WANT TO COME INTO THE POVERTY OF FLINT AND "BE DOWN"? hell, i was trying to get up out of there! that always amazed me...

Tom McMahon

Thanks for your comments. And if you're ever in Milwaukee, try to make it to the Friday Night Fish Fry at Serb Hall!

Politics ebbs and flows, but good food is eternal . . .


I also was a resident of Davison MI, graduating high school there in the early '80's. While I am not a strong supporter of Michael Moore, your argument that he is not from the city of Flint is misleading. It is true that the majority of Davison is a white population (which is besides your attempted point at stereotyping), but to insinuate that it is a town of wealthy non laborers is simply incorrect. Our neighborhood consisted of many blue collar workers that worked in the factories (minutes from downtown Flint)and the housing costs there are below the national average. Many families (including ours) had little alternative but to move out and seek employment outside of the automotive industry. The movie 'Roger and Me' displays a humorous and true story of the frustrations of the workers who needed an 'uplifting' viewpoint broadcast to the world. Had you stated that Moore was from outside Michigan (which is of course not true), then you would have made more sense. Thanks for the article anyway. If you ever pass thru the City of Davison, try out 'Whitey's Restaurant'..best fish dinner in the state.

John Bronson

Check out paper#1 on Michael Moore at
Then join America and review and pass on the entire web site.

Tom McMahon

My sympathies over the sorry state of Flint. I had to move away from the Rockford, Illinois area a number of years ago for the same reasons.

If this were the only point then yes, I'd agree with you that this would be splitting hairs. But Michael Moore has a long track record of playing fast and loose with the truth, so the reason this comes into play is that it's part of a larger pattern.

I appreciate your heartfelt comments. Even though I don't agree, they are refreshing compared to the canned "talking points" one sees all too often these days.

L. Catherine

I also am from Davison, Michigan and greatly disagree with your assessment of the situation. Davison is a commuter town. Everyone there is leaving the town to go to somewhere else. My own parents were teachers. Many of my classmates parents worked in the GM and AC factories in Flint and were frequently out of work. My best friend's Dad worked in GM and I can remember him being laid off at least three times in the six years prior to graduation, and recall him resorting to Amway-esque, last-resort schemes in between jobs. So why is the unemployment so low? Other friends parents, and mine, left the area for work, going as far as Detroit and the richer suburbs like Birmingham. Yes, there is employment to be had, but it certainly isn't anywhere near Flint. Michael Moore's father was a factory worker, however, and that would imply a very tight money situation. As far as him not 'growing up'in Flint, know that Flint is literally less than five minutes out of Davison. Yes, in Davison you'll see nice small town buildings and restaurants, but the minute you hop on I-69 you begin to see the landscape deteriorate. Flint is the closest thing to a metropolitan area in the vicinity, which means to do any type of shopping or business, you would have to go to there, or what's left of it anyhow. Therefore, it is safe to assume that Michael Moore, like all residents of Davison, came into contact with the poverty of Flint daily. And finally, I have to ask you, why does it matter if he grew up in Flint or five minutes away? It doesn't change what happened in Flint, nor does it change the struggle of the Flint natives. He said he said his father was a factory worker and was laid off, not that he was kicked out of his house like the people in Roger and Me. Stop splitting hairs, it seems to be an act of desperation on your part.

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