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You know I grew up in the Oakland hills and the song was everywhere, I was 11 then and it was not cool to admit to it (that it was good), I heard it 35 years later 2/06 and it brought back all those child hood memories!!!

Thanks Miss Abrams

Von Stafford

Wow! Just found this accidentally looking for Miss Abrams, the song Mill Valley--I was born/raised in Vallejo, and the summer of 1970 was my favorite of which "Mill Valley" reminds me of. Went to the CD site but backed out due to a rather pricey SHIPPING charge...WHERE is THAT $$ going? Von


Let's try that link thing again as the "URL" on the form didn't seem to work.


here's the link to the entire CD at varese sarabande. Decent price too - $11.oo


If anyone still has a 45 or cassette of the Mill Valley song for sale, please let me know. :o)


I have a 45 rpm of this (Mill Valley - Miss Abrams and the Strawberry Point School Third Grade Class. If you're interested, let me know.


I remember this song from my childhood, and have been searching for about a year now, trying to get a copy once again.
Thus far I have been unsuccessful, yet I have hope.


The CD is available from Varese Sarabande. I found a copy at my library!


Originally I owned the vinyl record of this record. Many moves later, it was gone. I contacted Mill Valley, CA and was put in touch with Miss Abrams and I purchased the cassette. I've seen a CD referred to but cannot find same. If someone could refer me to a source I would be grateful.

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