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Tom McMahon

alinee, pretty much nobody gets what they deserve in war.


before you say all that, search up victims from hiroshima bombings...

no one deserves anything
the japanese civilians didn't do anything to deserve that


He was just a typical Japanese at that time who was blinded by the Loyalty towards his Emperor. The do whatever the emperor say.

Too bad for him, though his sad life but still recieve no sympathy at all cause he is just like the many Japanese who deserve nothing more than dirt.

Benjamin Kepple

Actually, the reason Hiroshima and Nagasaki became the targets for America's atomic bombs were because they were two of the only cities left intact by 1945. The rest were pretty much wiped out through firebombing. Still, it is fair to say Japan's defeat was not on a level with the destruction of Carthage.


What's ignominious about spying on an enemy military installation preparatory to a war?

It's not like the war was his idea, or he had any idea that Japan would be ruined by him doing what he thought (reasonably, at the time) was his duty to his nation.

Sheesh, indeed.

("Unequaled since the destruction of the Carthaginians"? Well, since the Japanese were not sold off into slavery, and only two of their cities (and not even the biggest ones, let alone their "main" city) were destroyed, they actually got off pretty light, historically, let alone compared to the utter destruction of Carthage and its citizenry.)

Sage McLaughlin

A war that brought ruin and devastation to the Japanese on a level unequaled since the destruction of the Carthaginians and this man recieves no honors for his ignominous role in it? Damn, I wonder how that could be?



Seems to me the only sad thing about his story is that he didn't suffer more before he died. On the other hand, a quick death from an American bullet to his head would also have been satisfactory.

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