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I've found a couple more posts from bloggers who have/had disabled children, where they compare their own situations with Terri Schiavo's. Nothing speaks to this case better than the personal accounts of those who have been there.

Floyd Barber

Wonderful site, this is. I can read the stuff posted here for hours.


Buildings are not very cheap and not every person can buy it. Nevertheless, loan was created to aid different people in such kind of hard situations.

Tom McMahon

Punished in the after life . . . wow, this blogging is really a high stakes game, eh?


Maybe you should learn the whole deal with Terri and her husband before you decide that it is all about money for him. Has he not rejected not only 1 million dollars, but millions more to sign over his rights? What did he do? He rejected the money for the sake of his wife. This is nothing more than the conservative right wing trying to play God...how dare you! Only God can play God and right now he is trying to take one of his flock and you people are preventing him from that. That is a major sin and you will be punished in the after life for that.

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many have commented
and none is foolish

Tom McMahon

Yeah, he's a great young fellow with an infectious laugh. It comes through just a little bit in the picture.

Busy Mom

A wonderful post, thank you. Ryan looks like he is a joy.


Actually Erik, if Terri had left something showing her desire to be taken off life support in this sort of situation, things would never have gotten to this point. Instead we have a single individual who states that this is her wish, but has no evidence. So yest, in this case someone is attempting to "arbitrarily decide the fate of an adult that cannot decide"

With no evidence to contrary (and in light of others who know her stating the opposite of her what her spouse says), we must err on the side of caution, and not finality.

Erik Grow

I emailed the comment below to you Tom before noticing the comments section, so feel free to disregard the email. Thanks!

Hello Tom. I stumbled on your blog, and thought I would comment. I'm not sure why you and so many others (particularly on the right), seem to be utterly ignoring the core issue in the Terri Schiavo case, which is that there is a dispute about her wishes, before she was incapacitated, to be kept alive indefinitely in a vegetative state or not. The case does not have anything to do with whether someone can arbitrarily decide the fate of an adult that cannot decide it on their own, and no amount of slippery sloping that argument is going to make me think it could realistically pertain to the case of your son (I of course commend you for being such an apparently attentive and hard-working father for Ryan.) I realize that there is some poetic license used there on purpose to make it more dramatic, but it makes your argument sound as ludicrous when I hear some people say, "Well if you can marry someone of the same sex, what's to stop them from marrying an animal?" I digress… Of course if you are a strictly practicing Catholic then that is another thing entirely, because then you probably believe that people should be kept alive indefinitely no matter what the circumstances are, and no amount of argument on my part to the contrary will modify your views on it. If you do believe that there are situations where there is a "right to die" though, I would put that up for your consideration that you are seeing this a bit too much as your version of a good vs. evil struggle and not enough a dispute over Terry's own wishes.


I keep telling people...eventually, these folks will come after someone you love. Or you. It's just a matter of time.

Great post.

John Potter

God be with you and Ryan. God be with Terri and her parents. And may God be merciful to all of us who pass by on the other side of the road. (Luke 10:30-37)


Tom, I too am moved by your post. I think the problem many of us have is we have no idea how we can make a difference. This is wrong, so wrong, and yet we are strangers in this case, and we let others do the fighting.

If someone told me something positive I could do, I would do it.


Im sorry that people have to be so cold. My son is like Terri also except he cannot eat yet like yours. He laughs at apprpriate times like Terri and he is a little delayed unless we talk about his Dad snoring. He is also at my house. If you ever want to tak write to me. Ian is our only child and we are the only ones that care for him. I wouldnt change a thing except to take his injury away.

Lisa Lloyd


Read my blog about our son at www.sunnyeside.blogspot.com. In addition to that son, we have another who was born severely retarded/autistic/with temporal lobe epilepsy. He has very little speech and his problems are many. I'm sure you understand how deeply he has blessed our lives.

Your fears are being addressed just now in a filing before the court today -- the one that has effectively postponed Terri's case another 48 hours. In it the petitioner, a Mr. Watts, filing as "next friend" to Terri, points out the dangerous precedent this court would make if it continued along the destructive path it has been taking.

As I said in my post "Waiting, Watching, Praying" at sunnyeside.blogspot.com, I would have thrown anyone out the hospital window who had suggested killing my son. I'm sure Terri's Mom would have done the same if she could have gotten at him! And you would do the same as well.

Bless you and your dear family!


I cannot believe how an innocent life can be murdered all for the love of money. Michael Schiavo is bad bad bad EVIL! He is supposedly Terri's husband who is committing ADULTRY and wants to murder his wife? If Terri is murdered by her husband, I sure wouldn't want to have his black soul when he has to answer to GOD on his judgement day. We in Ca. are praying for Terri.


Why would they be worried about someone coming for Ryan? Because there may come a time when Ryan's parents aren't there to protect him, and just like Terri, Ryan could be deemed "worthless"... So you worry about the billions of dollars being spent in Iraq. We will worry about a life that God gave and no one should have the power to take away.

Great post, Tom. I usually don't comment on comments made, but I had to say something!

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