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samsung galaxy s3 cases

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ummm because it would be in poor taste and they would be accused of exploiting tragedy?

Of course, that didn't stop George W from exploiting tragedy for political purposes....

Bush ads anger some 9/11 families
March 4, 2004


I would assume it's because there is no way to fit it into a hollywood formula. It has no love story, no main hero to save the day, and no comic relief. Plus, given the poor showing of Pearl Harbor, some studio wonk has probably decided that movies about factual attacks on the U.S. are not worth pursuing in the current marketplace.


Hollywood is waiting for Professor Churchill to write the screenplay.


Maybe its because the movie they want to make would make a lot of americans angry. They are waiting until they feel they can safely find a way to blame America for it.

Or I could be way off base :)

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