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Phil Monk

2nd terms.


The emperor might have clothes, but they are soaked in the fuel of his failures.

Absolute power corrupts absolutrly.


Reagan was a northern president who thought like a southerner, which partly accounts for his success. Carter was a southern president who thought like a northerner, which is why he still is trying to convince people that he was good.

Dr. Phlox

Bush a succes? roflmaol!
You americans will have to pay off the debt he is getting you into for decades to come!



Tom McMahon

Well said!

Phil Monk

2nd terms.

Arrogance can set in, dirty deeds or prior decisons catch up with you, many of the people that got you there leave either because they are burnt out or want to cash in, their replacements are not of the same quality.

Nixon, Clinton.

Reagan, a great president, but Iran-Contra was in the second term.

Johnson's "2nd" term was overshadowed by Vietnam.

Time will tell for 43.


Not Jefferson Davis! Heehee...

Tom McMahon

JFK, Ford (remember him?), Bush 41, and Truman I put either in that middle ground between success and failure, or due their special cases (JFK, Ford). And yes, you're exactly right about why I faded GW's name. And if Clinton hadn't gotten himself impeached, he'd be in the middle with those other guys I just mentioned.

This whole exercise got me thinking: When WAS the last successful President from the South? Jefferson? :-)


OK, now I KNOW you're very Republican! Where's JFK? Was Clinton that uniformly bad? W is still in office. Isn't the jury still out on him, or is that why his name is faded? Hmmm.

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