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Tom McMahon

Although it may be quite tempting to respond to other peoples comments on this (hey there, Chris!), I would ask that going forward you only answer this question yourself, if you wish to comment. In other words, no back-and-forth on this one. I'm curious what other comments I'll get here.


I would like to shake his hand. He didn't waver when the nutcases in government and society decided to shove their noses in a matter that they had no right to be in.

15 years in that kind of state where you are fed through a tube, cannot communicate, cannot even think, when most of your brain has turned to mush is not life. The parents were keeping her alive for them, as a barely living memorial instead of letting her die in peace with some dignity. Death is part of life, some of us have to walk it much earlier than others but I am pretty sure most people wouldn't want to end up with the last 15 years of her existence where even if you were to listen to her parents, her biggest entertainment was watching a balloon. That is some life!

Tom McMahon

I haven't formed my opinions yet either. But these questions were too timely not to share.

Therese Z

Terry, what a careful and charitable answer. I haven't actually formed my own opinions yet, I just posted the possible sticking points.

The difference I've found in striving to live intensely in Christ is that I don't know the fast answers to these questions anymore.


Would I let my children play with his? Yes. What did his kids do?
Would I speak to his new wife? Sure. But not about his first wife.
Would I do business with the company that he works for? Yup, unless he was self-employed.
I'd probably avoid him though. In fact, I know I would.

I believe he thought his wife was already dead. I'm sure what he went through in the years before he went to court was horrific. I believe he was wrong. I also believe how he acted was incredibly spiteful and hateful.

To a lot of people, including Terri's parents what happened was court ordered murder. Michael Schiavo put into motion this process. How would you act if someone got a court order to starve your daughter to death?

I can forgive Terri's parents for acting the way they did, I'd be worse if it was my daughter. I can't forgive Michael Schiavo, but I can feel sorry for him. I can hope that someday I might be able to forgive him, I hope that somehow this might all turn out to be for the greater good.


The whole tenor of that commentary made me sick, and to me is everything that is wrong with the cultural warriors in this country. I commented on that person's blog directly.

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