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The only family member lobbying for Terri's death is her husband, who is affianced to a woman he's been living with for several years and with whom he already has two children. (Today's brain twister: Would you rather be O.J.'s girlfriend or Michael Schiavo's fiancee?)

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It is My Strong belief and others belief that He was Killed because of His Involvement in the Case

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On the basis of these facts, Pinellas County Judge George Greer found that it was Terri's wish to be starved to death. She requires no life support; all she needs is food and water. If being (a) on a liquid diet, and (b) unresponsive to one's estranged husband are now considered grounds for a woman's execution, wait until this news hits Beverly Hills!

Mario G. Nitrini 111

Mr. Tom McMahon.

I was Personally Involved in The OJ Simpson Case. I was Written about in the L.A. Times by Bill Boyarsky on June 23rd, 1995 about some of My Involvement in the case. David Bresnahan had Me on His National Radio Show in March 0f 2001 concerning My Involvement in the case.

One of Your Posters talks about Cover-up???? The Cover-up in this Case by BOTH SIDES was/is Incredible to say the Least.

There are going to be some Legal Happenings in this Case with some people who were connected to it Pretty soon here. A Major Player in The OJ Simpson case, Bill Wasz was Murdered in March of this year, 2005. It is My Strong belief and others belief that He was Killed because of His Involvement in the Case, and what he Knew about certain Aspects of the Case. Mr. Wasz also had a Book Already Printed and Ready to be distributed Titled, "We Only Kill Our Friends."

Thought You would be interested since You had this Post partially Concerning OJ Simpson. There have been Several New Facts uncovered in the Case here of Late.

Thanks for Your Time,


Mario G. Nitrini 111

margie olsen

Neither, if your michael's girlfriend and something happens to her, the same thing will happen to her just like Terri..
And OJ is just a weak form of Orange Juice with lots of money to cover up what he did...
Money sure has a way of covering up the bad things in life, but just for a while..
The truth Always comes out....

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