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Adt Home Alarms

Store employees told police that Lynda Bodkin, 46, was in the store on a prior occasion causing a disturbance and was advised not to return. Detectives said that Bodkin ignored the officers’ numerous requests to leave the Home Depot, and when they tried to arrest her she kicked one officer in knee, flailed her arms and spit at them.

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BTW, I have not spent any money at Hell Depot since Mid-March, 2007. They have lost my business forever.
To all victims of this company: make sure your legal team pursues punitive damages as well.


I'm a Home Depot associate. Their version of justice is like a kangaroo court. They base their judgment before retrieving all of the pertinent factual information. It happens all the time, to myself as well as others. They are as unbiased as Islamic factionism.


It seems the Home Depot shoplifting policy has changed. Recently in Oklahoma City a few store employees chased after two crooks who obviously grapped tools from a display and ran full speed to get away. The get away car was stolen. The Home Depot employees were fired because evidently they are not allowed to challenge shoplifters or even call the police.


It amazes me to see all the poor, unfortunate people just arbitrarily picked out by Home Depot and accussed of shoplifting. How have all my friends and family shopped there for all these years without ever being detained and prosecuted? You're all obviously as bad a bunch of liars as you are thieves! And there's obviously no shortage of bleeding hearts out there willing to lend you a sympathetic ear. Wake up everyone?! How come Home Depot is 2nd only to Walmart in size if they just pick out and accuse honest customers of these allegations?! Remember who we're dealing with here...criminals? They may not be murderers or rapists but they will still lie and exaggerate to make peace with themselves and clear their names with others. Don't buy into it and blame the victim which is what they want. Like someone else said, these idiots are why we pay the prices that we do. I've shopped at several Home Depots for years without so much as someone asking to see a receipt when I leave so give it a rest already.


One morning, after paying for my items at a Home Depot a helper and myself were arrested (placed in handcuffs) by Home Depot employees while exiting. He walked out before me and was placed in handcuffs, I followed shortly after. As I walked out an employee stepped in front of my cart and asked if I was Roy I answered yes, 2 more employess tackled me from behind and placed me in handcuffs. My helper had told them my name. I was infuriated and asked "whats going on" 1 of them said "we seen what you did" I had no idea what they were talking about. The 3 employees led me and my helper to the back office area where they searched us both and compared my sells reciept to the items in my cart and found no descrepancies. At this point they asked us to sign a release I refused and demanded they either release me or call the police. They released us. I had back surgery 3 months before this incident and they caused further injury when they tackeled me. I have retained a lawyer and will be going to trial shortly. Whats interesting is their claiming I did indeed try to steal something although they let me go without calling the police, or signing the release,and thats why they arrested me. During discovery they claim not to have video of either the "theft" or "arrest". Bottom line is they blew it and now their going to perjure themselves in court.

LP guy

I can see both sides. It sounds like both these incidents could deserve to have been thrown out but what I train new Lps in the field is that once you've detained someone you 1st can't be disillusioned by whatever story they might have(making any fast talker a free man),2nd any well trained LP is not going to make a stop without all evidence needed for prosecution, and 3rd the most important fact of all is if you let someone go after detaining them for the reason that you believe they did not act under devious intentions then you open yourself up for claims of false arrest, defamation of character and huge civil lawsuits not to mention that that’s usually against company policies and you will lose your job. If put into a sitituion where you feel someone did not intend to do what they did, there less liability in turning them over to the police and letting the judge decide someone’s intentions. That way you followed the rules and everything after that is recorded and said under oath.

Tom McMahon

This particular case I posted got thrown out of court.

One thing I've learned blogging is that stories like this just about always have 2 sides, so I tend to avoid them just for the sort of reasons you mention, lp.

LP Associate

....and in the post above the ENTIRE INCIDENT WAS ON CCTV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LP Associate

I arrested a subject after he placed new sneakers on his sons feet and concealed the old sneakers in a shoebox-very common amoung shoplifters!!!! The subject then paid for over 275.00 of merchandise. When we stopped the subject, he screamed and fought with us. He then said that his son was attached to the old sneakers and he didn't want his son to know he was leaving them behind. All the steps were there and it was thrown out of court for the "intent" agrument??? Just because someone pays for items, doesn't mean they will not steal!!!

LP guy

There are steps and procedures that are followed before any retail detention is made. If for some reason an Loss prevention assiociate stepped out of these policies and procedures sure throw the book at him (sue, fight it or what ever) on the other hand those policies are there to prove "intent" on the thiefs part. If an honest person just happens to meet the criteria for an arrest should we just let them go becuse they say "oh I spent $1000s in here", "oh I forgot that was in there" Are we the Lp supposed to be mind readers and arrest when we "feel" someone is a thief or follow procedures thoughly and consistantly. Yes I have arested people I thought did not mean to do it, but what am I to do after I saw all evidence needed for state prosectution of shoplifting.

Jim Nickel

I live next door to John (when he was renting) and he's a standup guy. He no longer lives next to me since he's moved into his own home. Despite the fact that I know John pretty well, I still waited to hear Home Depot's side of the story just to be fair. I wanted to see the videotape to see if John put the blade in his pocket or something. Guess what? As of August 10th, the West Allis City Attorney decided to drop the shoplifting charges against John since apparently it was a very weak case (no kidding). The next battle John faces is to have the ARREST expunged as if the arrest itself never happened. The reported version of the story you've been reading is pretty much 100% accurate based on the local radio and TV coverage of the event.


This has gotten blown completely out of proportion. This person was NOT the saint he was made out to be. I work for a home depot and . And people wonder why prices are going up at stores not just Home Depots? its because of the news organizations making stores look bad, but its customers that are taking advantage of the store. If a customer puts a $45 dollar hammer in a toolbox to conceal it and steal it. Are we in trouble if they get arrested and say its because it just wasnt seen? NO they are the ones that are trying to hurt the store. If you read one story, dont just assume its only the stores problem and the customer just had "NOTHING" to do with it.

Note: I [Tom McMahon] had to remove some of the specifics from your comment above, so as to keep myself out of any potential trouble.


I JUST got back from Home Depot - I can attest the cashiers are idiots. I had 6 items, the last 3 she rang up were samples of tile trim that had numbers to be entered instead of barcodes.
She entered the most expensive one, then pushed the x3 button so I got overcharged for the other 2. I mentioned this, she cancelled the transaction then reentered the numbers, said my total was $5.97. Of course, I knew 2 of the already-entered items cost more than that and said, "What about the stuff in the bag?". When she'd cancelled the transaction, she'd cancelled everything not just the bad entries. If I'd been daydreaming when she gave me the total - I might not have noticed. If I'd had $868.00 of other items I definitely wouldn't noticed that my bill was ~$15.00 less than it should've been. And I could've just walked out, since the items had already been checked out once. So I came THAT CLOSE to almost being arrested at Home Depot today, just like the poor SOB above.

Kevin Murphy

There'd be nobody left at any of the fast food places 'cause they'd all be locked up!

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