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red bottom shoes

Any system, including a universe, will tumble into its lowest energy state, like a ball bouncing down to the bottom of a valley

red bottom shoes

There were the flat comedy skits, the lame medleys and the clubfooted dance routines by, in this case,


Truth be told, wouldn't you guess that Senator Kennedy would appreciate a "do over" too?

We all make mistakes. I appreciate when someone is willing and able to own up to them, deal with the consequences, and hopefully learn from the experience. I'm not familiar enough with the Senator's situation. I certainly was not positively impressed as the Clinton-Lewinsky episode unfolded.

As for the President calling Senator Kennedy the "conservative" senator, I think he was on the mark. It underscores my understanding that those labels are relative and, often, relatively meaningless. Is President Bush "conservative?" Was President Reagan? President Bush's position on illegal aliens doesn't seem to be enamoring the hardliners. Many are concerned that a "liberal" justice like Sandra Day O'Connor would be terrible, unacceptable... yet she was nominated by President Reagan; was he soft on the courts?

I don't think many of us are as liberal or conservative as we think. We're each a blend of several often hard-earned perspectives. I hope we can all learn to be more respectful of those perspectives.

I appreciate being able to have this discussion without the bitterness so common today ... on both side of the aisle.

Speaking of do-overs, I see that President Bush has softened his position regarding firing anyone who leaked information on the CIA agent. Now the criteria seems to include conviction of a criminal act.

Tom McMahon

I was able to delete the extra trackbacks. That sort of thing happens fairly often.


Dale: "Embarassing post? let's just erase it... it never happened... isn't there a label for that too? Revisionist?"

When I was a kid, we called it a "do over." Also, Bush would like a "do over" on calling Kennedy a conservative. (BTW, tonight is the anniversary of Kennedy driving Mary Jo off of the bridge.)

Dale, no offense taken on your remarks. I did goof up on the links, and it does look stupid. On a liberal site where I participate I am called a lying nazi moron almost every day, but they ususally add several F-words to it. I have to be thick skinned.

Those responses to me and my confusion over that type of response was the whole point of the post--not to bash liberals but to figure them out.


I'm really not one to read blogs much less post to one. A generally more conservative blogger friend of mine sent me this link with little more to go on.

I'm just tired of all the name calling and finger pointing that so many vocal members of our nation are so engrossed in these days. This was a case that truly seemed to highlighted that adage when we point a finger at someone else, four are pointed back at us. I didn't let better judgement rule when I made that revisionist remark.

I really hope that we can all realize soon that our individual positions on matters are liberal to some and conservative to most of the rest. Remember when President Bush called Ted Kennedy the conservative senator from Massachusetts?

My earlier remarks were intended to have a little edge to them but not to really aggrivate or be hurtful. I hope that nobody was truly upset. I apologize to Mr. McMahon for using his space to express myself at the expense of his readers.


Embarassing post? let's just erase it... it never happened... isn't there a label for that too? Revisionist?


I agree that it looks stupid and I'm partially responsible. Also, I apologize. As soon as I made the initial post, I saw an omitted word and immediately corrected that, but it made yet another link here. I don't know why. I have no idea about the others except that G.M. was having some problems on the site and engaged in maintainance and rebuilding. Honestly, we're still learning and this is one thing that I need to figure out. But, please, please don't insult us by thinking that we're liberals. If they had this problem they would be yelling for a government program to solve it. Tom, maybe you can delete the extra links and give us an education.


That response is hilarious. Evidently someone didn't learn how to operate the "Post a comment." It's not even as if the entry was made in error... HOURS passed between! Must have been a liberal at the keyboard, eh?

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