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Ok, I just timed it... it took 46 seconds after I hit "Post". And I have a Cable connection.

The whole main page only takes me 4 seconds. I think you may have issues somewhere.


Tom has one of the only Blogs I frequent. I love it, but I really hate how long it takes to post a comment after I hit the "Post" button. In fact, it seems to be taking longer and longer just to load the article page where I CAN post. Whats up?

Beth Lawton, MKEonline


I'm the producer of MKEonline.com, the Web site for the Milwaukee weekly magazine, MKE. Every week, our Web site runs a 'Blog of the Week' poll, where Wisconsin blogs are put up against each other for our readers to vote on. Your blog is in the poll this week, and it is possible to be in the running more than once per year.

The voting page and more information are at http://www.mkeonline.com/people/blogcontest.asp. If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail me at webmaster@mkeonline.com.

Beth Lawton, MKEonline

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