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jeff gazaway

My ex wife worked for Conrad and Joy and we had been out with them in KC about 2 weeks before that accident and it was horrific for them. My ex still works for the nursing placement business they own. Both nice people, Look up SHSI in overland park kansas you will be able to contact joy and wish her the best

Brian Anderson

I grew up in a small town in Mid Missouri and was a avid St Louis Cardinal Fan . I will never forget reading Conrad's Book when I was a Teenager I really enjoyed it. I always looked up to Conrad after that .
My thoughts and prayers go out to your family. You were and will always be my favorite football player . I wished I was a smarter man to say something witty but you just so impressed me as a boy of how even though you might have not have been the biggest or best lineman but you really got the most out of what you had .Thanks for all of those good memories .

Susie Ray

I worked for Conrad's father-in-law in the early 1980's. My husband and I owned a bar in Riverton in the mid 70's. Conrad came in and threw a few balls to my 2 sons, who have never forgotten that. I've met Joy when I worked for her day and would love to hear how he and her mother are doing. I thought they were they kindest people I ever met!

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Love people who played football.

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I delivered a hospital bed and a wheel chair to the house of Conrad in feb 2006. Joy answered the door and was so nice I would of never known I was talking to a NFL hero's wife. Joy thanks and Conrad I hope your knee's are feeling better.


Eric Grove

Dobler played the game the way it was meant to be played. And if he could do it all over he would in a second.

Chris Galletta

Like Conrad Dobler, I was raised in Twentynine Palms, CA.

As a matter of fact, my father was the Twentynine Palms Wildcats High School Football team doctor when Conrad played for them.

Conrad was, at the time, working for, I believe, the Carnation Milk Company as a delivery man. That's right, Conrad Dobler was a Milkman.

I remember he had injured his knee in high school ball and My Dad sent him to see the Ram's Doctor, perhaps extending his ability to play ball into the 80's.

I am a few years younger than Conrad and always looked up to him. He was always very nice to my family and not the mean, dirty, nasty person that he was potrayed as in his NFL years and now.

The Galletta family prays for his good health and his wife's complete recovery.

God Bless

Tom McMahon

I've never met Conrad or Joy, and I don't know their contact info. You might try Conrad's firm, Superior Healthcare Staffing.

steve pike

i would like to make contact with mr dobler, saw him on tv last nite. i have a product that has helped with injury & inflammation. would like to send some free, for him to try


The accident about Dobler's wife must not be reported much, first I have heard of that tragedy

Steve Gottlieb

I'm trying to contact Joy Dobler, but seem to have an old email address. She was referred to me by a mutual friend. Please have her contact me. Thank you.
Steve Gottlieb

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