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Jeff Heet

One of my best friends broke his neck playing football and lived 30 years as a quadriplegic. He died last year. We now hold a poker night every year to raise money for research at Barnes Jewish Hospital in St. Louis in his memory. I would like to reach Mr. Dobler to see if he would be interested in our event. In our first year we raised over $10,000. It is not an inordinate amount, but we intend it to grow and every dollar towards the cause ia step in the right direction. JJH 8/21/06

Ed Agner

Hey! Thanks for the kind words, Tom. Appreciate you linking to us.


Tom McMahon

By the way, it was J-Walk who got me thinking of Conrad Dobler in the old Miller Lite Troublemaker ad. J-Walk can write two lines on some controversy, step back, and have 50 comments before you know it. He's the absolute best at this sort of thing. For example, see his 100 People post.

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