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I am so relived someone else agrees with me. i personally loved the rum diary, and fear and loathing is fucking great too. but the man is most certainly a fiction writer, who tried to become a personage he never truly was. sort of like an actor who never breaks character but is preserved through the miracle of their own genius. i personally loved the man's writing, from what i read, but he is most certainly exploited, and he was old, to old to resit being exploited. i don't and never will blame him

cali rich

Your ignorance of the truly revolutionary changes that HST brought around in this country is appalling. Who's next, Abbie Hoffman?

Tom McMahon

The funny thing is, I never said I didn't like HST, just that I was sick of him (and the hype back then).


Hi Tom. It is sad to read the vitriolic response to your post.

Hunter Thompson was a brilliant writer and he lived his life as he wished to do; his choice ... not one I would recommend for my children (though I would hope they will have no fear when expressing themselves in print).

I made the point, however, at my site, that the venom flows from both sides. Sorry that you had to expereince this.

Now on the other hand ... I am concerned that you lean so heavily on the words of Brent Bozell. He's been fairly discredited.


just wanted to say fuck you i hope your death is slow and painful while your children are raped then tourtured then raped again then slowly bleed to death as they are force fed your fat rotten corpse you piece of shit cocksucking pedofiliac

You hate Hunter S. Thompson because he was successful in being rebelious. You think just because George Bush says that you can't do something that you shouldn't do it. You are a Republican Nazi who could not be any more wrong.


You are so wrong that it is rediculous


hey you cheese burger engulfing Nazi, why dont get your thumb out of your ass and come to terms with the fact that he is a success of an author to some and a revolutionary who lived by his own terms to others.... you know what fuck you mussolini im gonna go get an h.s.t. tattoo now, eat cock!


Hey Tom,
I think this series of comments has been driven into an unnecessarily cruel sort of attack on pro or anti HST people. The real issue that I agree with, is that you should read more Hunter S. Thompson. He was more than anything honest, creative, and intelligent. I don't agree with his lifestyle or political ideas all the time, but to not recognize his accomplishments and affect on people demonstrates ignorance on your part. And on the small chance that you have read all of HST's work, then somehow you missed the point.


A serious question:Did Hunter ever attend AA meetings? He could have helped many who still suffer from this deadly disease. It's sad.His last note seems full of defiant self pity. The "I'll show you, I'll hurt me" mind-set.
The living just move on.


When you die, there will be no one will be SOOOO sick of you because you are a talentless partisan hack.

Take a break from force feeding us with the leftovers of your moral self f***atio and learn that the drugs Hunter S. Thompson took are just as bad as the cheeseburgers you slug down like ambrosia.

How stereotypical of a truly revolting kind of conservativfe to judge a man's life not by his merit but by GASP drug consumption.

You are a revolting pig of a man whose simple mindedness would never be able to grasp the brilliance of a man who searched for truth.

You could not find truth if it were right below the pompous tint in your squinted eyes and the gluttony of your corpulent double chin.

Chino Bambino

He was still alive and writing this century, meatball. Pardon me for not including last century as well, or the entire existence of the English language for that matter.

Tom McMahon

This century? Don't you mean the last century? But no matter. HST certainly left behind a legacy of brilliant and eloquent fans.

Chino Bambino

Here we have a bunch of uptight greedy-eyed squares attempting to grind Hunter's image into the dirt. Screw on your heads, Dr. Thompson was one of the most creative and brilliant men in literature this century, do you read Thomas? Obviously not enough. Hunter stayed young and idealistic until he died, you, however, my fatbodied Tommy, are a rotting corpse with no life left in you, don't be envious, loosen your collar and let some blood flow to your oxygen deprived brain meats.

Tom McMahon

Uh, OK, Nick. Thanks for sharing your point of view. You're absolutely right: No one should try to imitate Thompson's life.


Mr McMahon
Its so obvious that you have read little of Hunter S. Thompsons' literary genius. The man was the most gifted and articulate Social and political commentator of the 20th century. He was a man who lived without fear and lived fully everyday of his life.

Your problem with HST is that he lived his life his way without apology. He lived outside your preconceived ideas of right and wrong and made it work. He proved that you can live a productive life and still ingest whatever you want without losing your intelligence or success. Not everyone is capable of living that lifestyle and no one should try to immitate his life. Yet he did live his life without hipocrisy.

So all I have left to say to you, you bloated greedhead nazi is Fuck you and your GOP horse that you rode in on.

Tom McMahon

For another way to be a Man of the Left, see George McGovern's heartfelt Terry: My Daughter's Life-And-Death Struggle With Alcoholism.


I am so glad to read - FINALLY - some wise words about Thompson...what a pathetic idiot.

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