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Very interesting. Is the cost to keep the magnets cooled down worth the energy they create?

Lee Pinsanetti

I guess there is no taste or smell to the helium gasses then? If so I would think the engineer would have been able to exit the infected area and seek help before succumbing to the gasses.


I was wondering, what is the lowest % of helium you can have before a quench happens,i.e 60% 25% etc, and at what temperature (of the chiller) do you start to suspect a quench will happen


May i use the quench photo you have displayed at http://www.tommcmahon.net/2005/08/mri_scanner_sup.html for a research project at the university of southern indiana?


Fascinating information. I never realized that those magnets were always on. (And Strategy of bingo/excitement of chess is great)

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