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George Collins

Why the station was louder. This is george collins a former engineer at wcfl. I worked with barney pip, jim stagg, larry o'brien, big ron o'brien, and grady brock as full time engineer from 6pm top 10pm. m-f.

Reason for wcfl loud and bright sound!!. AM has the unique quality to travel further at night especially if you could keep the modulation high. 100% modulation equaled to 100% of the 50,000 watts being used continuously which meant the station sounded brighter, louder and travel further at night because all of the 50KW was being used and not just a percentage of that power when average modulation was low. Jim Loupas and Tom Knauss were the two engineers responsible for this unique sound that wcfl had and everyone especially wls tried and could not copy.


Thanks for the memories.

I grew up in Kalamazoo MI and can remember CFL having a better signal quality. I went to great lenghts, literally, to put up an AM antenna and special grounding wire so I could pull in that Mother. Man were those great radio days.
Appreciate it.

Marty Greenberg

I was the VP and GM of WLS during those years....ahh, the golden years of AM radio.

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