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Tom McMahon

I should probably do a 4-Block of all the Deweys: Let's see, there's the Dewey Defeats Truman Dewey, the Dewey with Huey and Louie, the library decimal Dewey, the Dewey at Manila Dewey, and the Dewey of Dewey Cheatham and Howe. Always good to have one extra Dewey.

Paul Brewer

Right you are, Tom.

I think that Dewey told Ike that he should listen to that Reeves guy.

Tom McMahon

Ah, that fellow on the wedding cake. Reeves did do Eisenhower's ads in 1952, so the Republicans didn't make the same mistake twice.

I had never heard of this guy Reeves before, I just stumbled upon him looking for a graphic of the old Anacin ad. One of the secrets joys of blogging, in my opinion.

Paul Brewer

If my memory of Diamond and Bates' The Spot is correct, Rosser Reeves also suggested to a political candidate that he utilize the new medium of television to promote his campaign. The candidate rejected the advice, saying that to do so would be undignified.

His name? Thomas Dewey.

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