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tiffany & coスウォッチ グループ ジャパンはこのほど、東京?銀座のニコラス?G?ハイエック センター内に「ティファニー ウォッチ ショールーム」をオープンした。男性向けの「アトラス ジェント スクエア クロノグラフ」、女性向けの「ティファニー ジェメア」をはじめ、希少性の高いアイテムも展示、販売される。Tiffany Rings


where would you expect to find a flag like this?...you actually have to have one to burn it...and if anyone had one flying?.....i'd say burn it....just like any other stupid flag.....jerks.....

Tom McMahon

No point, really. Just a really odd graphic to get the mind going on a Monday morning.

The Liberal Avenger

I'm not sure I get your point.


Looks like a perfect flag for "Springtime for Hitler." In the movie version of "The Producers" with Zero Mostell and Gene Wilder, the director that they picked (in a dress) was perfect, but the director's assistant in his tight little, black outfit with that pointed beard and gay attitude gave me the willies...uh, make that the chills.

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