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mat wallace

To set it straight the JJ JACKSON at the Gateeay is the original JJ JACKSON. I have known and worked with him for over 25 yrs. And yes he is alive and well. So many stories fly around that it amazes me. Everyone relax and he was a Motown staff writer .. He still writes, produces, records and performs ....

Thomas Shell Jacques

Hey, Boo Bow Grunt-- Where can I access the information on J.J. Jackson that you reference? If it is correct, it clears up A LOT of questions regarding at least three different J.J. Jacksons.

boo bow grunt

J.J. Jackson was born 1-7-1931 in Columbia, MO. He was born William Edward Jackson, his father was William Johnson Jackson, due to the fact they had the same first & last name, he became known as Junior, then shortened to "June" which is what he went by for a very long time even recording under that name, until June Jackson became J.J. Jackson. He wrote many songs for Motown getting paid $100.00 per hit which he thought was great for a few minutes of work, but never got credit for them. When he wrote "But It's Alright" he obtained copyright ownership, when Motown found out they blackballed him from the industry, they broke contract & hired the 300lb guy to pose as him. He was never able to get ahead after that, playing small venues. A really great man at heart, never drank or smoked. His whereabouts by me are unknown.


I ran into a guy claiming to be J.J. Jackson at The Gateway in Three Rivers, Ca too. He was a very likeable guy. But I doubt this is the same person that wrote and recorded in the 60's as something didn't add up. Many of the things he said conflicted with facts about J. J. Jackson I found on the internet.


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I know every second of " But It's Alright " one of the greatest records ever made. Look at the faces of the 1966 J.J. Jackson and the one today. Not the same guy. J.J.-1966 had like a cute face, big eyes. This one doesn't have neither. Also the voice is different. Even if a voice has aged 25 years I can still tell the original. Wikipedia has the whole thing wrong


Marisela, I could not connect to the flickr, but I did to cornell site. The picuture of the legendary JJ Jackson is the real JJ Jackson. I know this because he sent me this picture of himself many years ago. It was taken in 1989.


Is this the real JJ Jackson? Here are photos of "JJ Jackson" as mentioned in my last post:




There is a JJ Jackson who claims to be THE JJ Jackson, writer of "But It's Alright" and "I'm Your Puppet". He plays very regularly at The Gateway Lodge in Three Rivers, CA and Crawdaddy's in Visalia, CA. Google these businesses and you'll see. He visits Las Vegas regularly and shows up at other artists performances then gets up onstage to sing his "hits". Is this guy for real or an imposter? He sure has some stories.

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thanks for sharing!

Luís Felipe

J.J. is playing here in Brazil today at a hotel within 3 hours.

Dave M

Well what can I say? You guys don't know me so you don't know where I live. I can tell you that this man has come to our area from Las Vegas on occasion and everybody around here just assumed he was J.J. Jackson. Frankly something just didn't feel right to me so I started exploring. And oh the claims he was making during his appearance were so wild as to not deserve publicity. My sense, though is that he is wearing out his welcome with some local musicians. But who is he really? Certainly not the imposing individual described by some who met and worked with him in the past.

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I am curious, I just got home from a show at a local coffee shop. J.J.Jackson was the performer. He performed many songs saying he wrote or co-wrote them. Nice show and the music was on tape, he sang live.Things like "I'm Your Puppet" which he said he wrote for James and Bobby Purify. He is an African American in his mid 60's. Who was this man????


Oh by the way J.J. Jackson wrote me to songs produced by Kama Sutra Productions!. I have still have the recordings. The real J.J. Jackson would know the title of the two songs and I am pretty sure he would still remember me. Ha Ha!


I am seeking the whereabouts of J.J. Jackson (the singer/songwriter)for years. Wikipedia has a write up on J.J. and you will see a picture of the imposter. He is not the real J.J.Jackson. You will also see him on youtube. Anyone who would know the real J.J. Jackson would be Cecil Holmes producer. He worked with J.J. Jackson back around 1963. I am a former member of a vocal group call "The Socialites" because J.J wanted me to have a recording contract
as a solo artist so how can I forget wonderful J.J. Jackson. I believe that J.J. passed a few years ago. If he was still alive believe me I would know about it. Wikipedia wrote that he is still alive now living in Jacksonville, Florida. We need to correct the birthday as well. I will investigate and keep his fans and friends posted on Tom's website. Let's keep it real in honor of J.J.Jackson who wrote "But It's Alright". You will be hearing from me shortly. Peach and love to all. K

roger jackson

i am talking about the real jj jackson, warner bros recording star "it's alright girl", it really means a alot to me, he alwats hung out with smokey robinson, and lionel ritchey, in the 90's
also maurice williams, former drifters singer
thanks everyone

roger jackson

please anyone know jj's whereabouts, i'm a close family friend for years, lost contact with him about 10 years ago, sure wish i could find him, please anyone give him my email address, just tell him it's roger & rose his family
thank you

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