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My father-in-law was once a minor league ball player. He gave himself 5 years. If there was no skill improvement or movement to the majors, he said he would quit. And he did! He just had to try.

My father was also a minor league pitcher. Pretty good one, too. But he got injured in an off-season accident and his pitching was never the same. He ended up joining the Army and even played on the post baseball team!

This advice is good. Unfortunately, it works both ways. In my case, my bosses always want me to move into management and I don't. Then you become the one of the second group for not accepting their chosen path for you.

M Man

My question is, 'How do you know?' The Comedian has a great example of an indicator. Absent that what tells you- be it in business or athletics- whether they are playing you or 'playing' you?

The Comedian

I looked this up today to shore up my memory of your (and Mr. Piersall's) excellent advice.

Until recently I honestly believed that I was headed up to the majors at my current employer. Then, just one week after coming back from four days of training at corporate headquarters for "Leadership Development Track" training I learned that my business unit had started advertising (quietly, on the outside only) to fill the slot that would be my next logical step.

I immediately thought of this post, and I realized I was simply there to be played against.

I started my job search the next day, and I've already had my first phone interview.

So, in closing, maybe the best posts have to age like fine wine. The wisdom of your advice stuck with me for a year and a half, but I didn't realize that I needed it until just recently.

Tom McMahon

It's always a mystery to me what posts get the comments and which ones don't.


Nobody commented this? It's the best advice i'Ve had in sooo long...

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