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Oh great Tom ! Thank you so much for that link, I really appreciate it. A little sensitive to any form of French Bashing, in fact I've spent the last three years documenting this at Miquelon.org

Tom McMahon

Thanks for the info, MIQUELON. See also my previous post The Liberation of Saint Pierre and Miquelon which references one of the articles you mentioned.


Those were pretty lame comments, especially when you learn a little about our history: how we were liberated from the Vichy regime by the FREE FRENCH of Charles de Gaulle, and our joining the war effort was OPPOSED by Washington (Cordell Hull and Roosevelt). The American government threatened to dislodge the Free French and return the Vichy Governor...

Check out http://worldatwar.net/article/miquelon/
And http://www.grandcolombier.com/2003-histoire/1942/english.html

Whoever you are Woody, during World War I, 25 % of the islands troops were killed in trench warfare, they fought honourably.

During World War II, the locals signed up with the RAF, the FFL, FNFL and the 2e DB and fought valoursly.


I heard that a German family moved in and took over everything.

Sean Hackbarth

So that's where the invasion will start. I'm thinking a pre-emptive strike is in order. Since they're French a couple Cub Scout pacts should suffice.

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