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Kirk Demaree

Wrong... the actress playing Cornelia Fort is Jean "Jeff" Donnell... and she is in the cast list for Tora...

it's not Vivian Vance...


Tom McMahon

I got the information straight out of IMDB.

David E. Sanford

I've not found any credible database that supports your supposition that this is Vivian Vance. I own the DVD and have played this seen through a number of times and I don't see the resemblance except when I squint my eyes really tight and have 3 scotches under my belt.


I saw that movie not too long ago. I had no idea that was Vivian Vance.

I can here it now. "Don't worry Lucy, your husband may be crazy, but if I can evade the Japanese air force, I can deal with a Cuban singer."

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