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American Attorneys

wow she look so young, and since that time she was a very good artist, great post

Dale Paynter

Has anyone ever connected with Gayle lately? I'd love to send her a message about how I adored her singing.
Anyone have her e-mail - phone number ??

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Beautiful photo above I'd like to come back to the past because I'm lover of that time, actually I love the woman's wearing style it gets me crazy.

Jan Dveris Wright

I also attended Pattonville HS, same class as Gayle. We were friends. There's a photo in the 1966 yearbook of her and me singing together in some kind of talent show. We know why she was there; don't know what possessed me. Can't carry a tune.
After graduation, I lost track of her and her career. I hope she's well and happy. Gayle, if you happen to see this and would like to reconnect through email or a phone call, please post a message and we'll figure it out.
Great memories!

kevin knapp

gayle is one of THE BEST.
its sad the kind of crap that passes as music now.
beyonce',and all these one hit wonders can take a hike...all show and no go....

William Hofmeister

I remember Gayle from Pattonville. I was the geeky Chess Club President and she would come in and play chess on occasion. Such a long time ago. Although we were almost the same age, she was a year ahead of me.

barkley conners, p.r. hound

I love this photo, the only problem is the resolution on Gayle's face, on my screen I can't gauge her expression, but nonetheless what else do you know Tom McMahon about this exceptionally talented woman! Gen-Xers on YouTube were blown away by her live vocals on "Ed Sullivan", "The Red Skeleton Show", "Lily Tomlin" and "Cass Elliot's Music Machine"!


A Group Called Smith...that was a moment in time. The Hammond B3, Gayle on vocals, I can close my eyes and I am there again. This gal got me through some tough times overseas 70-72. She was one of the best right with Lydia Pense and Cold Blood, Tracy Nelso and Mother Earth moving the bay area.
I can put on the record, and I am there again. Seeing her eyes closed, head back that hair, that voice, everyone who saw her fell in love. Thank you Gayle, I hope you are well and happy. This is one guy who came back and kept a memory that had something happy in it.


Her "Flesh & Blood" album is my fave album of all time. Great songs, great voice, excellent musicians, arrangements and energy throughout. I wish someone would put it on CD.

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